dial phone

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a telephone with a dial for registering the number to be called

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The integrated keyboard and software system provides an instinctively familiar look and feel and allows users to dial phone numbers and type messages quickly, accurately and comfortably.
Do you have your prospects' email addresses and direct dial phone numbers at hand?
Users can dial phone numbers, save numbers to contacts and look up an address on a map.
From firm president Dennis Ducharme to the newest paralegal, direct dial phone and email access is the norm, not the exception.
In another study, participants were also able to dial phone numbers and then identify words on a computer screen immediately afterwards.
Do not dial phone numbers on a cell phone, or send or read text messages while driving.
But Google described the new version of Google Voice as a "Web app," noting that it is much more interactive than the previous browser-based version of the service, with the ability to listen to voice mails directly from within the browser and to dial phone numbers on an interactive on-screen keypad.
A secretariat a Cardiff-based public relations firm tried the number twice from her direct dial phone yesterday.
Voice Signal's solution allows mobile professionals to dial and access all of their Pocket Outlook contacts, dial phone numbers, and launch applications, all by voice.
There's also a Personal Calling service, a cell phone in the OnStar system that lets you dial phone numbers using voice commands.
Legal professionals can automatically dial phone numbers stored in their Palm handhelds with BeamDial, a wireless dialer.
After a whole era when the only choice was between an old-fashioned GPO dial phone or the much- mocked "Trimphone" of the Seventies, this was the dawn of a revolution in communications.
There are enough cameos and inside jokes to carpet the Shrine Auditorium, including a dead-on Oscar show (Glenn Close glides in to announce the nominees for Best Actor, who include Paul Newman in Coot), a bimbotic supermodel (nicely turned by real-life supermodel Shalom Harlow) stopped in her tracks by a dial phone, and resident reactionary Tom Selleck as a gay entertainment reporter who plants a kiss on Kline that makes the Grant-Bergman smooch in Notorious look like a high five.
To support sales prospecting, telemarketing, direct marketing, and email marketing campaigns, each contact provided with Jigsaw Decision Maker Lists is complete with name, title, mailing address, email address, and approximately 70 percent also contain a direct dial phone number.
ZoomInfo's data engineers focus on complete data, giving customers fresh, detailed information needed to reach decision makers such as email, direct dial phone number, industry, title, and background information.