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in a diagrammatic manner


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All these frequencies are combined and diagrammatically represented in Fig.
Cadmium levels in different samples as influenced by distance from both the brick kilns are summarized for comparison in Table-4 and diagrammatically shown in Fig.
Discovering the relationship between Computer systems on the Local networks have to be engaged in order to gather and interpret intelligence so as to control the network interrelationship connectivity as well as influence effective decision making as can be conceptualized below diagrammatically in figure
Each of these tire regions is shown diagrammatically in figure 2.
The identities of individuals are comprised of multiple components which can be illustrated diagrammatically.
The tree is inhabited by the spirit of a pir or holy master, indicated diagrammatically by a pair of stylized feet embroidered in blue thread amidst the foliage on the left of the trunk.
Once the reforms have been fully implemented, the court system will be organised hierarchically as expressed diagrammatically below.
We illustrated this artifact of oblique or peripheral sectioning of an adenomatous polyp diagrammatically (Figure).
Detailed descriptions of anthropometric points are diagrammatically represented in Figure 1.
Documentation of the ontology life cycle, is shown diagrammatically in Figure 1.
Diagrammatically skill mismatches in industries with varying skill intensity can be depicted as in Fig.
As stated above, reasons for applying for a R3 leadership position at times were composite in nature and this is shown diagrammatically in Figure 1.
For monetary outcomes, the status quo generally serves as the reference point distinguishing losses from gains, so that diagrammatically the shape of the function is concave for gains and convex for losses (see Figure 1).
Sensory papillae pattern on head in pattern as shown diagrammatically in Figure 3; appearing longitudinal but with few rows that appear transverse (and with some individual variation); all specimens show some damage to sensory papillae due to abrasion during trawling and subsequent handling.
In the analysis section a sample of each pattern was structured diagrammatically in light of MOP and then further data was given in the tables after the diagram.