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in a diagrammatic manner


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Detailed descriptions of anthropometric points are diagrammatically represented in Figure 1.
In Oldring and Nehring, (1) a double seam is shown diagrammatically.
As stated above, reasons for applying for a R3 leadership position at times were composite in nature and this is shown diagrammatically in Figure 1.
Sensory papillae pattern on head in pattern as shown diagrammatically in Figure 3; appearing longitudinal but with few rows that appear transverse (and with some individual variation); all specimens show some damage to sensory papillae due to abrasion during trawling and subsequent handling.
The associations can be represented diagrammatically, as in Figure 1.
We typically view these set partitions diagrammatically as a family of arcs on a row of n nodes so that if i [?
14) Figure 1 diagrammatically illustrates the distortion IRR creates in favor of benefits obtained early in the life of the project.
Implant locations were diagrammatically recorded such that left and right testes from individual pups could be matched upon collection to allow for direct comparisons.
4) Opsis is used in the singular and is usually depicted diagrammatically by a line connecting eye to object.
Before looking at this pure cycle, Lonergan outlines, diagrammatically and mathematically, what he sees to be the dynamics of a capital-based economy as a system of flows of goods and services and counterflows of money through different phases of the economic process.
The Human capital development approach connection to the firm knowledge sphere is represented diagrammatically in Figure 1.
Exercises at the end of every chapter (such as "Using a format of your choosing, diagrammatically represent the plot of any two stories you like.
To get to hypotheses, whether existential or scientific, we have to imagine diagrammatically the gesture that brings together all hints we detect.
Divided Vases--the Balustrade and Garden brings together vessels and facades, for this decorative earthenware piece was both: vessel forms (supporting fronting facades in the two-dimensional shape of a vessel) that were themselves diagrammatically ornamented with the images of vase shapes.