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shown or represented by diagrams

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Only by seeing that can we get an idea of the disruption and upheaval it would cause; something that the council apparently doesn't want us to see; otherwise it would have published it in the same issue of the Echo alongside the diagrammatic one.
A diagrammatic scale having severity levels of 1, 3, 6, 12, 25, 50 and 75% in black-and-white and in color version were proposed in this work (Figure 1).
Acheson does not intend to give a comprehensive survey of literary texts that demonstrate a connection with diagrammatic forms, but aims to provide a methodological foundation that can be applied more broadly.
It is a trove of information on the economic history of Australia presented in stunning, diagrammatic form.
His studies of logic as semiotic took the notion of sign relations as a fundamental principle, and though he used the word graphs to describe the visual formats in which he worked systematically, his work has been used by more recent philosophers, notably Sun-Joo Shin, as the basis of diagrammatic reasoning.
Wuthrich continues to show, in Chapter 4, how diagrammatic elements entered Feynman's work in his attempts to 'understand' and 'visualize' (two terms, whose meaning for Feynman Wuthrich analyzes) Dirac's relativistic wave equation of the electron.
Right from the number of clicks and impressions to diagrammatic analysis.
At next week's meeting Mr Nelson will outline his latest project to reopen the unstaffed station at Eaglescliffe, and the mapping project Railroute which has produced the first diagrammatic map of the national rail network.
Sue Palmer over the years has been a valuable advocate of sensible teaching methodologies and again, in this book, she offers a useful and extended rationale for the crucial part that talk plays in the writing process whilst providing some interesting diagrammatic models to support the writing process across the Primary/Secondary divide.
It can be seen in the lettering used for signs, the bar and circle symbol, and Harry Beck's brilliant diagrammatic map of the Underground.
examines the use of diagrams to help learners understand complex ideas, and how diagrammatic user interfaces can help us better understand and visualize artificial intelligence (AI) systems.
Being granted a Bronze Compatibility Certification guarantees that BiotrackerT LIMS is compliant to the caBIG(r) guidelines in each of four areas: (1) Programmatic access to data; (2) Use of controlled vocabularies; (3) Use and accessibility of data elements and metadata; and (4) Availability of a diagrammatic representation of the information model used.
Right throughout each page are hundreds of little brainwaves travelling along connecting pathways of one kind or another and enjoying themselves examining and commenting brightly on the various diagrammatic elements, adding to the enjoyment of the book.
Thus, each leaf is an aide-memoire and as such contains the minimum text on explanation and derivation; instead it relies on graphical and diagrammatic presentation.