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Synonyms for diagram

Synonyms for diagram

a drawing intended to explain how something works

make a schematic or technical drawing of that shows interactions among variables or how something is constructed


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As will be shown in this paper, by the end of the course, an activity diagram becomes a natural method of illustrating processes and is something that students feel very comfortable using as a means of analyzing various process scenarios.
A DFD process can link to a child diagram within the same document or in a different DFD document.
The lack of some cartographic diagram map methods was the reason for the creation of a new program extension (Valent 2010).
0 makes it even easier for developers to add expressive, interactive diagrams to their applications so that relationships within data become clear.
I use Reed-Kellog (traditional) diagrams with minor modifications.
In Central Europe, the diagram or chart is called "the humid air Mollier diagram," and in Russia, "Ramzin's diagram.
What makes the diagram so intriguing is that it often conveys something which cannot easily be put into words--that is the point; it is the coded language of creative design intelligence which does not automatically operate successfully in the world of bureaucratic tick boxes or cultures in which verbal or literary skills are too dominant.
A common rule is that time advances from the bottom to the top of the diagram.
Ultimately, whatever diagram is erected for a client's building, it must come with a written loss-control report before going to an underwriter for risk assessment and estimated insurance coverage.
In the diagram condition, the introductory lesson and each example in the conceptual exercise contained a diagram representing the classical conditioning.
RSD offers a highly intuitive user interface that allows designers to create the "complete spectrum of 2D electrical and piping diagrams for systems of any complexity," according to PTC.
npW] (k) shaded circle with heavy core in the diagram 3), and by the irreducible four-fermion amplitude [M.
1 adds configurable title blocks in all diagram editors, new high performance editing of large text files, drag & drop for diagrams and text and customized requirements definition.
Another useful tool for making decisions under these uncertain conditions is tree diagram analysis.
EventStudio automatically handles diagram layout, formatting, scaling and page breaks for sequence diagrams and collaboration diagrams generated in the Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word Picture (EMF) formats.