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changing a square matrix to diagonal form (with all non-zero elements on the principal diagonal)

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Nonorthogonal Joint Diagonalization by Combining Givens and Hyperbolic Rotations // IEEE Trans.
We first show that this definition does not depend on the chosen diagonalization.
In this paper the efficacy of the BSS algorithm based on nonlinear phase-space reconstruction and nonorthogonal joint approximate diagonalization of several time-delayed covariance matrices [6] is investigated in the case that the observation noise exists.
where e is a parameter defined by the users, its value is close to zero, which indicates the diagonalization of Rm for a finite m, and [K.
In array signal processing aspect, trilinear decomposition can be classified as a high-dimension generalization of ESPRIT algorithm and joint approximate diagonalization (JAD) method [13].
These particular equations could be solved more efficiently using a diagonalization by means of Fourier transforms, or by spectral collocation methods.
Here k is the number of iterations in Approximate Joint Diagonalization (AJD) step in JADE algorithm as described in [41] and simulation results show that k does not exceed 20 in our detection problem.
The MET consists of three parts, (i) the precoding based Block Diagonalization (BD) technique, (ii) the eigenmode user selection [2], and (iii) power allocation based on the eigenmode user selection [3].
The extension to the d-dimensional setting with d > 1 does not pose any problem, because of the known block diagonalization of the TL iteration (see e.
MEHRMANN, Numerical methods for simultaneous diagonalization, SIAM J.
calls for the diagonalization of a square matrix of size [N.
j] is an approximate eigenvalue or average eigenvalue obtained from the diagonalization of the matrix [T.
ZHANG, Diagonalization of certain integral operators II, J.
16), and consequently the energy spectrum can be obtained for any [lambda] and Z by a diagonalization of (3.