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capable of being transformed into a diagonal matrix

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Para el caso de los operadores lineales diagonalizables, no podemos afirmar algo tan fuerte, como lo que se afirma en el teorema anterior:
A parallelizable eigensolver for real diagonalizable matrices with real eigenvalues.
For technical reasons, the matrix A must be diagonalizable.
Next, the covariance matrix C needs to be diagonalizable.
Let us assume that A is diagonalizable with eigendecomposition
Corollary 5 implies that the antipode of a graded connected Hopf algebra is diagonalizable if and only if it is an involution.
Since a generalized reflection matrix is diagonalizable and P [not equal to] [+ or -] I.
2] and on certain diagonalizable finite type domains in [C.
where G = diag(g) is the diagonalizable matrix of vector g and [[w].
21] Gabriele Vezzosi and Angelo Vistoli, Higher algebraic K-theory for actions of diagonalizable groups, Invent.
C]) is diagonalizable and all eigenvalues are purely imaginary; the orbit Ad(G) * X is called elliptic orbit.
Assume now that A is diagonalizable and that the initial vector has the eigenvector expansion [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
1-CT)) whose matrix A is diagonalizable, once the considered vector norm [parallel] [parallel] is defined as an absolute norm, weighted by the diagonalizing matrix.
k] to be the Arnoldi Ritz values at iteration k for a given general diagonalizable matrix A.