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a square matrix with all elements not on the main diagonal equal to zero

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Definition 1 The drive dynamical networks (1) and response dynamical networks (2) is said to achieve hybrid generalized function projective delay synchronization if there exists a diagonal matrix P = diag([P.
w] is a diagonal matrix containing the values [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
r] is a diagonal matrix for relay power allocation.
Also let [DELTA] be the diagonal matrix with the eigenvalues of H on the diagonal.
is similar to a block diagonal matrix [mathematical expression not reproducible].
The Jacobian of the transformation of the nodal grid is given by the diagonal matrix [J.
D is a diagonal matrix with the average power spectrum of the reference images placed as elements along diagonal of the matrix.
j,k=0] and D is an arbitrary diagonal matrix of order N with positive entries in its diagonal.
where v--the diagonal matrix which is comprised of mass-normalized indices.
Here To and Do the left of M, the matrix formed by the right singular vectors, its size t x r and d x r, t and d, respectively, for the words and the number of features, r, compared with the matrix M the rank So for a size r x r diagonal matrix, the singular values of the diagonal line value of M, and in accordance with diminishing arranged.
d] is an n x n diagonal matrix having the eigenvalues [[lambda].
Thus, the angular part of the kinetic energy of each electron takes the form found for the hydrogen atom and only diagonal matrix elements do not vanish.
D is a diagonal matrix of N x N size with large singular values.
where T denotes the transposition, introduce the diagonal matrix
where [mu] is a diagonal matrix with diagonal entries {[mu].