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a doctor who specializes in medical diagnosis

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Prior to the Master Diagnostician Training Initiative, FORSCOM collaborated with its partners at TRADOC and the Combined Arms Support Command to create the Unit Diagnostics Immersion Program (UDIP).
Machiaverna as a great diagnostician in the teaching profession.
Aside from being a diagnostician of repute, John was blessed with creative talents which ranged from woodcarving to motor bike building, from photography to assembling hi-fi amplifiers; you name it--John could fix it or make it.
22(b) requires individuals requesting special examination accommodations to submit the following information to the Board: (i) a completed Special Accommodations Request Form; (ii) a Professional Documentation of Disability Form, completed within the three years immediately preceding the accommodation request by a diagnostician meeting the Board's requirements; (iii) a completed Consent to Release Information Form; and (iv) a Nursing Program Verification Form completed by the dean or director of the nursing program attended.
Culverhouse, the founder and president of the nonprofit Gay Culverhouse Players' Outreach Program, majored in special education in college, and is a researcher and diagnostician by training.
Operating within the TPA's network, a diagnostician would examine the patient, obtain test results, establish a diagnosis, dispense medical advice, prescribe drugs, and administer routine (low-cost) care.
He was a superb diagnostician, quiet and reassuring with the patients, but never missing a clinical feature.
I hope DSM-V will clarify who the diagnostician should be.
Gregory House is an emotional misfit but nonetheless a brilliant diagnostician confronting a new medical mystery in every episode.
For those who struggle in a traditional classroom environment, an educational diagnostician can help.
They define the role as that of a diagnostician who must identify symptoms, diagnose causes, and prescribe treatments.
Dr Abhishek Srivastava, a qualified ayurveda practitioner and expert pulse diagnostician in charge of the Sri Sri Ayurveda Clinic in Oman, will conduct the course.
First identified by a University of Minnesota veterinary diagnostician, this strain proved to have a startling new twist: It contained genes of both swine and avian influenza viruses.