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a doctor who specializes in medical diagnosis

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To measure outcomes, the diagnostician would predict how quickly and completely his patients would recover if treated by a doctor with average abilities.
Complications can easily occur, such as use of unqualified diagnosticians, existence of comorbidities, and inappropriately performed tests that can lead to misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment, such as surgery.
Gloria will be missed but remembered by many in the RPS, as a great mentor, scientist, diagnostician, colleague, and friend.
For more information about working as an educational diagnostician, visit the Council for Exceptional Children's Web site at www.
It is also an object lesson in the importance of seeking the advice of a Building Diagnostician before leaping to costly, and not always necessary conclusions.
Describing Internal Medicine as the focus of his practice, Khoury feels his particular strength is as a diagnostician.
Melody Putnam, chief diagnostician of the Oregon State Extension Service, will talk about orchid diseases, recognition and potential remedies tonight at the monthly meeting of the Willamette Orchid Society.
Henneberger plans to spend the next year shadowing the diagnostician and chronicling his work.
He is an excellent diagnostician and a non-alarmist, quick to question and slow to reach for a script pad.
The Rams-Saints game was a perfect example, with Miller talking nonsense about Kurt Warner, pontificating as a diagnostician on injuries he obviously did not understand and forcing Michaels to correct him in a discussion of whether a pass was forward or not.
The diagnostician can become suspicious when one weakness or malformation is uncovered.
Wie man's nimmt is a "first-born" for the energetic social diagnostician Norbert Niemann.
Trained diagnostician as he was, he began to analyse the patient's condition, the patient being himself: he had been cast adrift in a limitless sea of sensual freedom, with only a minimal concept of justice, and a stultified sense of decency.
Using Myss as an example of intuitive diagnostician in his work as director of the Shealy Institute, the author asserts that case studies have proven Myss to be 93% accurate.
An example would be when someone trained as a vocational evaluator, rehabilitation nurse, teacher, psychologist, or educational diagnostician accepts a job as a rehabilitation counselor.