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commented, "We are truly excited about this new innovative and non-invasive cancer diagnostic technique for detecting surface and near surface cancerous tumors.
At least in part, the relative paucity of reports probably refects the lack of sophisticated fungal diagnostic techniques in much of Southeast Asia.
Kim developed a diagnostic technique that accomplishes both of these goals.
That's 100 times more sensitive than the most discriminating diagnostic technique available today, which relies solely on cultured bone marrow cells (SN: 6/2/90, p.
What ophthalmologists need, Weinreb explains, is an "accurate, reproducible and sensitive diagnostic technique that would allow both earlier diagnosis and earlier detection of progression.
The study will employ a new diagnostic technique developed by UCLA researchers that combines the new imaging biomarker and positron emission tomography (PET).
Since then, N,R scans -- now known as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans -- have become a standard diagnostic technique employed by large hospitals and medical clinics throughout the world.
We have achieved these overall positive results while comparing our new diagnostic technique to nuclear stress, a technique with which users have had years of experience.
The young scientist also developed diagnostic test technique for cancer patients that has been named as 'Qadir Test' besides treatment and diagnostic techniques for Aids and infectious diseases that were named after him.
Contract notice: Supply of equipment for molecular genetic and genomic diagnostic techniques using routine ultrasecution techniques at the hospital universitario marqus de valdecilla.
Conventional diagnostic techniques require long turnaround times, lack the required sensitivity, and have limited ability to test for a variety of different respiratory pathogens simultaneously.
SC was acting on a petition filed by Sabu Mathew George who is a member of the National Inspection and Monitoring Committee set up by the SC in 2003 to inspect and report the implementation of the Pre- Conception and Pre- Natal Diagnostic Techniques ( Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act, 1994.
It also seeks effective enforcement and implementation of the Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques Act to stop female foeticide.
By techniques, the molecular diagnostic techniques such as PCR, and other nucleic acid amplification test would gain prominence in developed region.
The workshop was aimed at training of participants in various molecular diagnostic techniques including ELISA, DNA extraction, end-point and Real-Time PCR and Capillary Electrophoresis.
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