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Current diagnostic techniques are insensitive and subjective," Weinreb says.
Scientists adept at making microscopic machinery have devised a diagnostic technique that may alert physicians to signs of prostate cancer more effectively and inexpensively than current tests do.
It is premature to accept MRI as a standard, clinically effective, diagnostic technique even for general applications to the central nervous system.
This early diagnostic technique allows XYTOS to fight cancer at the very earliest stages, before a lump can develop.
With 73% of the Lao population living on <US$2/day (10) and one accessible microbiologic culture laboratory in Laos, PCR is not an available local routine diagnostic technique.
Kim developed a diagnostic technique that accomplishes both of these goals.
We have achieved these overall positive results while comparing our new diagnostic technique to nuclear stress, a technique with which users have had years of experience.
Ultimately, it is hoped that patients first can be screened to determine which of them are appropriate for an x-ray diagnostic technique.
However, a new diagnostic technique allows doctors to see the inside of a fallopian tube and detect abnormalities which could cause infertility or other problems.
For patients with these low-risk valves, the incidence of false-positive findings must be minimized before using the x-ray imaging diagnostic technique.
Since then, N,R scans -- now known as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans -- have become a standard diagnostic technique employed by large hospitals and medical clinics throughout the world.
In addition, the preclinical research on the use of arbutamine with radionuclide imaging supports its potential as a pharmacological stress agent with radionuclide imaging, a commonly used cardiac diagnostic technique.
Hence, despite the benefits associated with the adoption of cardiac risk markers, such as improved cost considerations and the added value for patient well being, medical communities in the UK and France are resisting such diagnostic techniques.
Further, improving diagnostic techniques and growing awareness of these disorders are likely to result in an enhanced focus on the CNS therapeutics market.
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