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the quality of being specific rather than general

the quality of being specific to a particular organism

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Because the area under the ROC curve was improved with the [delta], compared with using 14 ng/L dichotomously, we presume that diagnostic specificity was enhanced, but this comparison was not explicitly reported.
The [greater than or equal to] 99th percentile and percent [delta] of [greater than or equal to] 10%, 20%, and 30% to look for improvement in early diagnostic specificity and assess diagnostic sensitivity;
Of note, our values for diagnostic specificity and PPV in predicting HCV viremia at an S/Co ratio of 20 were much lower than the >90% values reported by Contreras et al.
By using the most efficient cutoff value (-2), we were able to distinguish between liver cirrhosis and non-liver cirrhosis patients with 95% (41/43) diagnostic sensitivity, 91% (41/45) diagnostic specificity, and 93% (82/88) accuracy (Table 3 and online Table 1).
However, 47 samples screened positive above the 4 [micro]g/L cutoff, but were not confirmed by 2D-GC-MS, yielding an overall diagnostic specificity of 400/477 = 89.
Because of its slightly better accuracy, and in agreement with other studies (10), the ELISA detected more positive individuals than did the RBA among patients with new-onset DM1, and importantly, this was not accompanied by a lower diagnostic specificity.
The McNemar test was used for comparison of correlated proportions such as diagnostic sensitivity and diagnostic specificity data between markers or assays.
In one poster to be presented at AACE, data show that the combination testing for microRNAs and validated oncogenic mutations has high diagnostic specificity.
In summary I think these changes offer a clear advantage by increasing the diagnostic specificity for preeclampsia and providing severity stratification that bears closer relevance to maternal and neonatal outcome.
At the upper cutoffs suitable for optimal diagnostic sensitivity for detecting tumors, diagnostic specificity is higher for the plasma than the urine test; therefore the plasma test may also be preferable in low-risk populations.
The molecular diagnostics (MDx) market is growing at a rate of 20% per year, and is already changing diagnostic specificity in important ways.
This article addresses the current understanding of psychiatric medications and their complex biochemistry in relation to diagnostic specificity.
1) Research over the past several years has focused on developing other tests that have increased diagnostic specificity over the RF test.
A possible solution is to evaluate criteria B, C, and D for diagnostic specificity to differentiate PTSD from other mood and anxiety disorders.
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