diagnostic program

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a program that recognizes and explains faults in the equipment or mistakes in a computer program

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Featuring an intuitive graphic operator interface, the system's diagnostic program directs the operator to a fault screen in the event of a problem and provides automatic scheduled maintenance alerts.
Ciphergen has an advanced diagnostic program in ovarian cancer and has developed a panel of biomarkers that provides risk stratification information for ovarian cancer based on a series of studies involving over 2,000 clinical samples from more than five sites.
The machine is fully enclosed for safety and cleanliness, while a window gives a clear view of the process, and the internal diagnostic program reports faults.
Toshiba's PC Diagnostic Tool runs a hardware diagnostic program to determine that the system is functioning properly, as well as identifies possible hardware vs.
A collection of student work can be incredibly valuable," she said, "but it cannot replace an objective and systematic diagnostic program.
For further information, contact the diagnostic program manager at OFES, Darlene Markevich (darlene.
MachineMedic software is a diagnostic program that allows the user to observe and capture I/O data in real time, within a cycle, on up to 15 variables.
A diagnostic program answers some questions that might solve a problem and avoid a service call.
Lacerte, while conceding that statement, maintained that the "error" would have been picked up had we run its built-in diagnostic program -- a point we readily concede.
The computer includes a diagnostic program which allows a technician at the surface to solve problems as they arise.
The software, endowed with the knowledge of forest experts, represents the most comprehensive forest pest diagnostic program yet developed, says Daniel L.
Under the new contract, Shaw will implement a comprehensive asset management and performance diagnostic program that will address most aspects of 37 operating power plants with a concentration on safety, maintenance, staffing, benchmarking and corporate environmental programs.
Contract awarded for Diagnostic Program In Pictures Aps 2016
Symantec says a buggy diagnostic program spurred a rash of Norton antivirus user complaints late Monday and Tuesday morning.
Diagnostic program evaluates power output, current draw, and T/C input.
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