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Synonyms for diagnostic

Synonyms for diagnostic

characteristic or indicative of a disease


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The diagnostic plan included cytologic analysis of a fine needle aspirate of the subcutaneous swellings, whole body radiographs, a complete blood count, and a plasma biochemical analysis.
Develop and implement an economizer diagnostic plan
For example, US Diagnostic plans to leverage the system's scalable architecture with Internet-enabled applications so that physicians and radiologists can access patient reports and records at home or at other satellite offices.
Advent Diagnostic plans to open six treatment facilities by March 1993 and is entering into management contracts with several hospitals to set up their own treatment facilities.
US Diagnostic plans to purchase the facility, which generates approximately $600,000 annually in net collected revenues, by paying $100,000 in cash at closing and the issuance of a six percent five year note in the amount of $150,000.
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