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The patient-centered approach to a medical home with fully integrated electronic health records and health information exchanges has obvious benefits, but does not address how diagnostic data profiling and information integration will be used effectively in every day practices across the country.
Conventional programs for storing prescription and diagnostic data are developed by different software companies and are often not compatible.
The 12-lead technology also provides additional diagnostic data on transient anginal episodes, as well as the detection of silent ischemia.
We're going to try to get some more diagnostic data down to analyze what's going on.
APACHE II requires a modest amount of physiologic information along with limited demographic and diagnostic data.
0 makes this rich performance and diagnostic data easy to navigate and actionable.
We've been working closely with the team in Saudi Arabia to make sure their diagnostic data is of high quality, that it is organized in a way that allows for further analysis, and that the in-house team is trained and comfortable with the intricacies of field and laboratory testing, as well as diagnostic analysis of the data.
The market for cable system diagnostic data and reporting for set-top boxes is underserved as many operators have either limited access to diagnostic data or the tools to analyze it," said Charlie Barnes SVP, Product Strategy and Management, FourthWall Media.
Diagnostic data can be accessed via the diagnostic ports to improve troubleshooting and reduce downtime.
Azima DLI, announced the latest version of its rugged, four-channel diagnostic data collector and real-time analyzer, Azima DLI DCX[TM].
The system offers a 15" touch screen, full-color display that accesses Window XP and shows real-time images and diagnostic data.
Capturing accurate and detailed diagnostic data during a technical support call is a time consuming process.
Company's single-scale HI 1769-WS and dual-scale HI 1769-2WS weigh modules read weight and diagnostic data supplied by load cells from one or two independent scales.
It connects with the serial bus so that it can download diagnostic data from engine sensors; is Bluetooth and WiFi enabled so that it can receive and send information over wireless networks; and has built-in voice recognition so drivers can issue commands hands-free.
The display provides intuitive menus for system-related information, such as status, test and diagnostic data, and configuration menus.
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