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a precise rule (or set of rules) specifying how to solve some problem

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These issues may confuse clinicians and translate into the incorrect incorporation of such limits into clinical routine as diagnostic algorithms become increasingly complicated.
In December 2012, by way of preparation, a PE diagnostic algorithm was distributed to all hospital clinicians, outlining the combined role of the validated modified Wells score (Table 1) and the quantitative D-dimer test in defining the pre-test probability of PE (Fig.
The new diagnostic algorithm proposed two states of preclinical AD: an asymptomatic at-risk state for AD and pre-symptomatic AD.
A new diagnostic algorithm for the evaluation of microscopic hematuria.
Recently, the CDC has made available for public comment a diagnostic algorithm that removes the Western blot as a recommended test (FIGURE 2).
A diagnostic algorithm must implement a callback function that is called when new sensor data is available.
AACE/ACE leaders hope that their new diagnostic algorithm will fill that gap.
The company added that ASPiRA LABs will provide expert diagnostic processing and results using a state-of-the-art biomarker-based diagnostic algorithm to inform clinical decision making and advance personalised treatment plans.
South Africa, one of the high-burden countries, has adopted these tests in the TB diagnostic algorithm.
If an insensitive diagnostic algorithm is used, process and outcomes of care measures derived in that selected population would be biased, reflecting the experience of a subset of persons who more regularly access physicians' services.
This part of the article has been represents of the preamble to differential diagnostic algorithm (DDA) for diseases, manifested with heart murmurs.
As established by the WHO in January 2008, presence of JAK2 V617F is now one of the major criteria in the diagnostic algorithm for MPN.
Accurate lymph node staging in genitourinary malignancy is an important component in the diagnostic algorithm and therapeutic planning.
To overcome these problems, Vandewoude et al proposed a diagnostic algorithm, partially derived from the European Organisation for the Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) criteria, but designed to deal with the specific conditions of ICU patients.
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