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(used of fish) migratory between fresh and salt waters

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A likely explanation is that diadromous fish, such as shad, alewives, salmonids or eels, were processed in these vessels.
In Challenges for diadromous fishes in a dynamic global environment (A.
International Symposium Challenges for Diadromous Fishes in a Dynamic Global Environment (2007: Nova Scotia, Canada) Ed.
Analysis of Patterns in Diadromous Fish Distributions Using GIS.
Major challenges to feed development for marine and diadromous finfish and crustacean species.
River and sea-run fish restoration advocates wanted the dam removed to restore free passage and habitat for fish, including the endangered Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) and other diadromous (migrating between fresh and salt water) species.
The fish fauna is a mixture of marine and freshwater species, including about 55% freshwater species, 40% marine or estuarine species, and 4% diadromous species (Hastings et al.
Other chapters discuss diadromy as an adaptive life history strategy and the phenomenon of landlocking where a diadromous population becomes an exclusively freshwater population.
Market Definition: The aquaculture industry is defined as the farming of aquatic organisms, including: freshwater fishes, marine fishes, diadromous fishes, molluscs and crustaceans.
The topics include main causes and consequences of the decline of diadromous fish in western European inland waters, the final report on the economic valuation of water hyacinth as an environmental problem on Uganda's fresh-water resources and its effects on key economic activities, the artisanal fleet of Andalusia in Spain as a case study of occupational safety policies in the small-scale fishing sector, the effects of thermal processing on the quality of canned fish, a preliminary study of elasmobranch by-catch in pelagic pair trawl in the Adriatic, complex system tools for a complex ecosystem, and the development of monoclonal antibodies to combat fish misdescription and fraud.
Global aquaculture production Major species groups in 1998 Quantity Value Freshwater fish 17,355 19,737 Mollucks 9,143 8,479 Aquatic plants 8,568 5,377 Diadromous fish 1,909 5,907 Crustaceans 1,564 9,234 Marine fish 781 3,396 Other aquatic animals 111 330 Source: FAO fisheries Department.
Table 18: World Capture Fisheries Market (2006 & 2007): Percentage Breakdown of Production Volume by Major Species for Marine Fishes, Freshwater Fishes, Molluscs, Crustaceans, Diadromous Fishes, and Other Aquatic Animals 17
vicarious, diadromous, sporadic and complementary; Follett 1960; Ruiz-Campos and Contreras-Balderas 1987).
39% of taxa of freshwater and diadromous fishes in North America are imperiled, with 230 vulnerable, 190 threatened, 280 endangered, and 61 presumed to be extinct in the wild (Jelks et al.