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a mark added to a letter to indicate a special pronunciation

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By measuring the geometry of this diacritical mark general rules were established concerning its width, vertical position and thickness.
By measuring geometry of the diacritical mark of the dcroat letter from different fonts and font faces, most common practices in designing were established.
Diacritical marks used with standard alphabetical characters are becoming increasingly common in everyday printed materials as American business and social dealings increasingly involve nations whose languages use alphabets in which the diacritical marks have significant import.
But far from dismantling the church heroic altogether, the Gidding dialogue poses the romanticized ideal of the American mission against a lapsed form of heroism of which trouble, deception, and fallibility are the diacritical marks.
The magic euc-button sets all diacritical marks, accents and umlauts.
Dense patterns of poetic figure and figurations of light have in common a unique constellation of particulars and diacritical marks that develop in real time: the real time it takes to read the poem, the real time it takes to define the image.
The first clue consists of the hacek-shaped diacritical marks to distinguish unpointed letters from pointed ones, i.
It is to be hoped that certain errors in spelling and diacritical marks of Sanskrit words will be emended in the next edition.
He has examined hundreds upon hundreds of manuscripts, either directly or through microfilm, in scores of libraries, and in many instances has added a new dimension to the description of these codices by noting such things as the presence of punctuation and diacritical marks and the degree of word separation in evidence, which current catalogue entries often neglect.
He has adopted a popular mode of transcription, avoiding diacritical marks.
In its best printed instances, quoc ngu, with its plethora of diacritical marks and barred letters, seems to dance.
He has taken a sensible and moderate approach to modernizing his texts by adopting modern usage of u/v, j/i, the long s, ligatures, diacritical marks, capitalization, abbreviation, punctuation, etc.
It is against the backdrop of a non-vocalized text where the question of distinguishing consonants or vowels orthographically by adding diacritical marks (nuqat) and vocalizations (tashkil) appears as an issue of juridical concern.
One minor irritation for this reviewer is the overuse of diacritical marks for Indian words (leading to some inevitable errors such as varadaa for varada), especially for modern place names such as Mathura, Sanchi, etc.