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Part of studying the different modes of recitation requires the student to write not only in an unusual spelling but also to exclude the diacritical marks from the words.
The salary of editors, copyeditors, nakdanim [punctuators--Hebrew poetry is published with diacritical marks that need to be applied and proofread--AXJ], and the like has decreased dramatically in recent years, and the impact this situation has had on the quality of published books in Israel is very clear.
Now, however, technology makes it quite easy to include diacritical marks in any published text, and an increasing number of undergraduates at many schools have had at least some exposure to the Vietnamese language.
In 1991, the European Commission requested that Spain revoke its law that all typewriters, computers and printers sold domestically include the Spanish diacritical mark.
The letter i is topped with diacritical markings, situating the script around 1300, yet the second compartment of g remains below the baseline, placing the manuscript before 1400.
The case in question concerns a pomegranate-flavored energy drink with a smiliar name, differentiated only by a diacritical mark.
But here 'original titles' are hardly the original ones: diacritical letters are meaningful in many foreign languages, but they are always left out--or rather converted to simple, similar English-language ones.
Committee members resented its lack of a diacritical mark over the 'e'.
Color is a diacritical and synthetic production of meaning based on selection and combination, whereas color constancy uses the unchanging ratios between surfaces to create the useful fiction of stability.
The prefatory material focuses on textual issues, such as revisions, punctuation, and diacritical marks used in the texts of the poems, and includes three figures that reproduce pages from the original printing.
Their styles proposed diacritical marks for long vowels and velarised consonants although most scholars found them impractical, except for the hamza (') and the ayn (aACAy).
Hopkins's poetry, Martin shows, with its binding of the visual to the audible through diacritical marks, demands a level of visual attention in addition to oral recitation to fully invoke the power of his innovative sprung rhythm.
The script is lettered in black with the diacritical marks in red.
There are diagrams and arrows, diacritical marks and images, with considerable deviation from flush left norms--Black Mountain composition by field is alive and thriving here.
A button that sets all diacritical marks automatically.