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capable of distinguishing


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Assimilation can be total assimilation (al-idhgam al-kabir) as in Q 4:78 ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) [the first kaf in the Arabic script has no vowel and no other diacritical sign, while the second has a shadda with a damma]; this is called 'idgham al-mutamathilayn' (Ibn Mujahid, Sab'a, Idgham) [this can also be called idgham al-mithlayni] assimilation of two similar consonants; or smaller assimilation (alidgham al-saghir) in the case of words like 'qad', 'idh', 'hal and 'bal' (Ibn Khalaf, Iqna', al-Idgham).
3) curves to the right; vertical forms are elongated dramatically; diacritical dots are used throughout, unless otherwise indicated in the apparatus; kasra is given for hina in the penultimate line.
Committee members resented its lack of a diacritical mark over the 'e'.
More often than not, diagrammatic (image-text relations) and diacritical signs (notations of tonality, intensity, sentiment) relate to the fact that literature still carries other functions either as a material object that needs to signal its function (e.
Their styles proposed diacritical marks for long vowels and velarised consonants although most scholars found them impractical, except for the hamza (') and the ayn (aACAy).
The script is lettered in black with the diacritical marks in red.
Hill wants to make hay of Ra (actually ra, but To the Ends of the Earth is devoid of diacritical marks) meaning "sun" in "Polynesian" (Hill does not state which Polynesian language) and the Sun God in Egyptian.
There are diagrams and arrows, diacritical marks and images, with considerable deviation from flush left norms--Black Mountain composition by field is alive and thriving here.
s "Kadambini" relocates this subject to the schoolroom, reproducing the playful, broken exchanges between an American teacher and her Indian student, complete with the author's diacritical marks, use of the vernacular, and footnoted translations; the politics of cultural translation emerge in poetic responses to the 1857-58 rebellion from Govin Chunder Dutt ("To Lord Canning"), Mary Eliza Leslie (from Sorrows, Aspirations, and Legends), and Sir Alfred Comyn Lyall (Retrospection); finally, the close juxtaposition of poems from Tagore and Rudyard Kipling allows for a rich discussion of poetry's multiple social functions in the period of late colonialism.
A button that sets all diacritical marks automatically.
Authors should double-check all references for accuracy and completeness of information, spelling, diacritical marks, symbols, subscripts/superscripts, and italics.
The use of Unicode permits the display of all diacritical marks.
Arabic letters on papyrus have few to no diacritical dots to distinguish homographs, no systematic spacing between words, and in most cases a low degree of graphical structuring, says Grob, but the original readers could comprehend them because they knew what to look for.
Besides characters and symbols, they include characters with diacritical marks from different scripts (i.
In the next part, the networks were tested on the capitals of the Czech alphabet (including diacritical marks) and in combination with numbers, the results ranged between 70% and 80%.