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Synonyms for diacritic

a mark added to a letter to indicate a special pronunciation

capable of distinguishing


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de language limit Use for German language interface and German ads & news DIACRITCS & CHARACTER SETS AltaVista Main Diacritics & 20 http://www.
In transcriptions of entire words, phrases, or sentences, it is not incorrect to employ [], even if the transcription contains no diacritic or other allophonic detail, and consists entirely of phonemic symbols.
Diacritics are seen here as acute accents, although they can also be found as vertical diacritics above the vowel.
Subscript versions of preexisting kana also serve as diacritic symbols.
Practically speaking, the problem with diacritics is not much of an obstacle when looking for composers--it is usually just as easy to select the composer's name from the browse list.
Ahmad Hasan Dani (Indian Palaeography [Oxford 1963] 257) similarly writes: "While Brahmi has three basic forms of vowels, a, i and u, Kharoshthi has only one, the forms of the remaining vowels being obtained by the addition of diacritic strokes.
Thus Varo added -h- as a sort of diacritic to represent syllables beginning with Chinese [ts] and [ts[prime]].
With its sweeping tails, loops, and punctuated diacritic dots, it's difficult to imagine any other language more suited to the transcription of human body movement into written language.
For example, when they use words like khuda or khatam, they use it without putting the right phonetic or nuqta (a diacritic mark to represent sound) as we say in Urdu.
wales will be bilingual and allow the registration of names with the diacritic marks used in the Welsh language.
The archaic Kufic consisted of about 17 letters, without diacritic dots or accents.
Using classical Arabic books with diacritic marks will be very helpful in developing more accurate speech recognition systems for the Arabic language.
With the full Unicode support the new version allows importing information in any languages, since it can store Roman and Cyrillic characters, hieroglyphs, umlaut symbols, and other diacritic marks in a single database.
I also question the absence of diacritic signs (Joao rather than Joao) and the omission of most personal and geographical names from the index.