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Synonyms for deacon

a Protestant layman who assists the minister

a cleric ranking just below a priest in Christian churches

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Directors of formation programs and of diaconate programs need to monitor the environmental, work-related stressors of deacons as they age.
But while Canada has had an association of Anglican deacons since 2000, Scully noted that in many parts of the church, the diaconate is still not well understood.
The motherhouse diaconate of Kaiserswerth served as the prototype for all the denominations chat followed, but it was adapted to the group's culture and theology.
To recognize the ecumenical implications of the ordination of women to the diaconate in these three churches in their relation to the Catholic Church, the question must necessarily be split.
Mary Ellen Robertson, a spiritual director and hospice chaplain, asked her brother--a diocesan priest--to be her witness to the diaconate.
To see someone made a deacon reminds you of your own diaconate which is the first order given before someone is priested in the church.
Nevertheless, such tendencies must be clearly overcome at least three years before ordination to the diaconate.
The Permanent Diaconate is a unique institution and my predecessor Bishop Ambrose showed great vision in its re-instatement.
10) From the late fourth to the late seventh century, we have ample literary evidence of a female diaconate in the capital city, and archeological evidence of deaconesses in a number of other areas of the Empire, particularly Asia Minor.
The founding parents of the Church of North India had envisaged that it would be free to develop an appropriate diaconate as might be demanded by the needs and life of the church.
The training for the Permanent Diaconate is run by director Monsignor Austin Hunt who is based at All Saints Church in Anfield.
It has been great to be able to do a diaconate year in a parish rather than the seminary.
The work belongs to John's diaconate and was probably written between 378 and 381.
We respectfully support the decision of the Patriarchate of Alexandria to restore the female diaconate, thus giving flesh to an idea that has been discussed and studied by pastors and theologians for decades," nine theologians from theology schools and seminaries of the United States and Greece said in a statement dated Oct.
The diaconate will be composed of a 12-member commission, six women and six men, and its chief task will be reviewing the possibility of creating female deacons within the church.