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used of the study of a phenomenon (especially language) as it changes through time

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The result of this attempt is a fascinating book that contains much material apt to get non-classicists to muse about the diachronic applicability of narrative features familiar from the modern literatures.
The diachronic pathway proposed is from a non-verbal clause (badd-i hayye, lit.
Now the synchronic version of Money Pump successfully defuses both kinds of objection as formulated to target the diachronic version of the argument; with this it may seem to reveal the underlying irrational flaw of cyclic preferences, similarly to how Lewis points to the deeper flaw underlying the vulnerability to Dutch books.
As for the diachronic constraint, it involves a probabilistic rule of inference given by a principle of conditionalization.
The study indicates that the grammatical gender of Old English nouns is often reflected in morphology (when compared with the diachronic model) and thus it functions synchronically; it may account for the differences between members of the same inflectional groups.
The plentiful municipal archives in Augsburg allow Bernd Roeck to present a diachronic examination of bi-confessionalism in that city from mid-sixteenth century to the end of the Thirty Years' War.
The more one explains the Israelite faith in terms of covenant, therefore, the more one should subsume the diachronic components of the Hebrew Bible within the synchronic elements (rather than vice versa).
Of the forty-one occurrences of the expression 'same in [phi], different in [psi]', ten are plainly concerned with diachronic diversity: At Physics IV 11, 219a20-1, what are diverse are successive phases of a change, while at 219b18-22, and 220a6-9, what are diverse are successive phases of a moving thing.
In Chapter 7 Anderson takes each of his macrotypes of inflectional patterns and discusses the range of likely diachronic source patterns encompassing biclausal as well as monoclausal structures.
Tiner, "Going to HEL: REED and Diachronic Linguistics" (176-96).
In dealing with this issue, it will help to distinguish two possible temporal approaches to identifying the baseline--a diachronic approach and a synchronic approach.
His is a diachronic, historical-critical reading, with ample evidence of the commentator's philological skills.
This impulse need not have elevated synchronic over diachronic analysis, nor should the quest for subjective meaning have marginalized the issue of causal explanation.
Its essays seek less to map the discursive formations of a moment than to plot diachronic shifts over time: the movements from feudalism to mercantilism and early capitalism, from gift to market economies, from communitarian to individualist ideals, from usury to interest.