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a belief in and reverence for devils (especially Satan)

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Skeptical of non-experiential knowledge, the clergyman reads diabolism back onto the figure of Melmoth, even onto his memory of the Melmoth he knew before the deathbed scene.
A discourse of diabolism swiftly follows to paint a threatening picture of the enemy's evil savagery and goad the nation to defend its holy democratic soul against civilization's wicked foes.
Given the Christian-informed context that equates goats with blackness and diabolism, Miller subverts the white-defined goat with the United Order of Moabites's and Ant Hetty's resurrection of the Judaic tradition that champions the scapegoat.
The first four chapters examine the development and vagaries of Protestant demonic theory and experience, while the last four focus more on the external and political ramifications of diabolism and, after a chapter on crime, move in a chronological manner from 1570 through the Interregnum.
The diabolism of the deniers does not permit of proof, in any shape.
The politics of exorcism divided even religious orders and devots, as literal diabolism marked true theology, while skepticism was a sign of atheism.
Why should a young country repelled by Europe's moral and social disorder, swooning in a fit of desire and reflection, devote its talents to reproducing in its own literature the typology of diabolism it wanted to leave behind?
However, though Santayana diagnosed the diabolism in their philosophy, he did not foresee -- no one could have foreseen -- the consequences in the maniac determination to exterminate a whole people, the ancient Jews of Europe.
Underlying the expediencies that too often dictate what academics write, when we stop to consider principles rather than politics, a key task of such writing is surely to prevent utterance gravitating towards the extremes of emotionalism or diabolism.
In five well-documented chapters, he studies the shifting attitudes of the educated toward witchcraft and magic; the continuation or rise of popular action against suspected witches ("witch-mobbing") as official prosecutions waned; the ways in which popular literacy and literature kept certain elements of traditional diabolism and magic alive in folklore down into the nineteenth century; the survival of the witch both as a feared figure and as a social reality; and finally, the continuation of various sorts of occult practitioners, such as fortune tellers, right down to today.
The time for a practical defensive action plan in the light of the new diabolism threatening Jews should be the supreme desideratum.
Rose, Elliot, A Razor for a Goat: Problems in the History of Witchcraft and Diabolism.
Among the sampled trials from Wurttemberg, of the 94 accusations that were made, 73, over 75%, alleged malefic crimes, crimes that involved a specific injury, while 21, one-quarter, involved diabolism, Devil-worship not involving a specific harm to a specific victim.
The narrative voice of the novel Caroline finally writes gives order and coherence to the otherwise senseless welter of events which envelop Caroline--Louisa's diamond smuggling, the Baron's obsession with diabolism, Laurence's frustration with Caroline's new-found religious convictions, Georgina Hogg's intentional emotional blackmail and Ernest Manders' accidental financial blackmail, and finally Mrs.