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Canada's Relyea, who's become a valued Met mainstay in recent seasons, had been, a few minutes earlier--after a slightly unruly Kermesse Chorus--the first solo singer of the evening, appearing in a flash of gilded smoke looking the very image of a plumed, pantalooned fin-de-siecle Mephisto and singing "Le veau d'or" with seemingly well-practised diablerie.
I]n the mystery cycles the Devil is continually being dragged in, even where he is not strictly required, and scenes of diablerie are introduced purely for their own merriment.
And of Bejart himself she writes, "The same chunks of leaden diablerie churn senselessly through one ballet after another, usually with some young man at the center pressing his fists to his temples.
However, it is the skeleton detective who uncovers the plot by the Diablerie to open the Gateway allowing the old gods, the Faceless Ones, to re-enter the world, bringing death and destruction to all.
Que une brigue plus anomale que celle du Recteur de Paris, que une diablerie plus confuse que celle des jeux de de Entre les humains l'un ne saulvera l'autre.
So much so that he has now published a book on Diableries, a form of 19th Century French artwork that features skeletons and satanic figures going about their business in the Underworld.
Dogs are like that: never forgetting, never relenting, always loving, always appreciative, and always forgiving of our excesses, narcissism, foolishnesses, and diableries.