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Le Livre de la diablerie," Cahiers de l'Association internationale des etudes francaises 3-5 (1953): 115-26.
That not all readers found Simms's Gothic palatable, however, is indicated, for example, in a notice of Carl Werner and other Tales, wherein the reviewer finds "a little more German diablerie than comports with our taste.
An admirer of German diablerie would consider it the best in the book" (The New-Yorker, 365), and entries in Fisher's The Gothic's Gothic, 148-52, point up Germanic features in Simms's writings.
And of Bejart himself she writes, "The same chunks of leaden diablerie churn senselessly through one ballet after another, usually with some young man at the center pressing his fists to his temples.
Que une brigue plus anomale que celle du Recteur de Paris, que une diablerie plus confuse que celle des jeux de de Entre les humains l'un ne saulvera l'autre.
This fascinating episode, "an extra-serial and specially valorized episode literally central to the entire book" of the Tiers Livre, as Edwin Duval has so convincingly identified it to be, (10) is also the center of devildom, of diablerie, the true home of the "esprit maling" or the Devil in Rabelais's books.
What modern marketing professionals would call Bosch's 'brand recognition' boiled down to his being seen as a purveyor of hellish diableries.
18) Uno dei principali sbocchi della produzione fotografica di guerra alla fine del conflitto, ad esempio, e rappresentato dall'ambito commerciale: le immagini del fronte, gli orrori e la devastazione lasciati sul campo della Prima Guerra Mondiale vengono confezionati in serie di cartoline, stereoscopie o lastre da proiezione e vendute accanto a panorami e diableries per la fruizione domestica e la conservazione privata.
So much so that he has now published a book on Diableries, a form of 19th Century French artwork that features skeletons and satanic figures going about their business in the Underworld.
Dogs are like that: never forgetting, never relenting, always loving, always appreciative, and always forgiving of our excesses, narcissism, foolishnesses, and diableries.
Thus, Dante's repeated references to the diableries of medieval theater, demonstrated by several critics, are not coincidental to the meaning of the episode.
In the diableries of the medieval mysteries, in the parodical legends and the fabliaux the devil is the gay ambivalent figure expressing the unofficial point of view, the material bodily stratum.
The former features diableries and makes much of the saintly king's posthumous miracles.
A sa suite l'art ne represente plus que des diableries,
Le cote depouille de la relation avec Dieu dans l'islamisme militant, son abstraction, son desir de mettre fin a la cuisine socioreligieuse pour elever l'islam au rang de dogme et ses valeurs au rang de norme absolue, tout cela relegue le Rai au rang des diableries ou la modernite occidentale fait alliance avec le vieux fond de charlatanisme et de laxisme culturel.