diabetic diet

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a diet designed to help control the symptoms of diabetes

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BLOCKED: Health sites blocked by filters at the most restrictive setting Breast Cancer 7% Depression 11 Diabetic diet 14 Herpes 23 Pregnancy 32 Birth Control 35 Abortion 45 Safe Sex 50 Condoms 55 Gay health sites 60 Source: Kaiser Family Foundation Note: Table made from bar graph.
But now, because my dad's on a diabetic diet, I can't even go round and raid the cupboards at my parents' house," says Lisa, who lives two streets away in Bury, Lancashire.
Add to this the requirements of a diabetic diet and we have the reason for Beulah-Rose Gross writing The Jewish Diabetes Cookbook.
Flavorful, diverse and colorful aren't words commonly used when describing a diabetic diet.
It's not necessarily a diabetic diet, just a healthy one.
The country's largest direct-to-home food delivery business is updating its LiveSmart[TM] product packaging to include diabetic diet exchanges.
Diabetic diet - easily digestible diet containing no sugar,
Subjects who follow the vegan diet have better lipid levels and glycemic control than those on a conventional diabetic diet.
No diabetic diet was given to me in the 15 months that I've been in detention.
By simply selecting a choice of entrees, side dishes, and vegetables, diabetics can create over a thousand meal combinations that are nutritious and suitable for a balanced diabetic diet.
second dinner (in the case of a diabetic diet type).
To study this, 74 people with type 2 diabetes were randomly assigned to either a vegetarian diet or a conventional diabetic diet for six months.