diabetic coma

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coma that can develop in inadequately treated cases of diabetes mellitus

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During the hot weather I have to get up in the night "During the hot weather I have to get up in the night and check her levels because the heat can make her sweat which could taker her levels down and she could slip into a diabetic coma.
Dubai: A man who fell into a diabetic coma while in his car was rescued by police who searched for him for an hour, his wife has said.
THREE-YEAR-OLD Aaron Green is his mum's very own Superman - after he saved her life when she fell into a diabetic coma.
24 ( ANI ): A woman from Miami, Florida, died on Wednesday, after she spent 42 years in a diabetic coma.
I was trying to explain that I thought I might be falling into a diabetic coma which can make you seem as though you are drunk.
A HUSBAND whose wife suffered severe brain damage after slipping into a diabetic coma is appealing to other sufferers to be on their guard.
One man in a house behind the bank was so traumatized by the gunfire, according to his family, that he went into a diabetic coma within six months and died.
Death of girl at natural food institute caused by diabetic coma
The preparation was fully warranted, since the boy's father, 30-year-old Aaron Farris, was diabetic and therefore subject to bouts of unconsciousness, which can be caused either by diabetic coma (hyperglycemia) or insulin shock (hypoglycemia).
Sarah Jane McNicholas, 20, from Widnes, died after falling into a diabetic coma in July, 1997.
Coronation Street can't really compete but has a go with the continuing saga of Martin and Katy, who recovers from her diabetic coma only to be told by her older lover that they must finish.
Brianna Stephens, four, and her toddler sister Elena, two, came to the rescue when their mum went into a diabetic coma.
She has claimed heart problems, a headache, a diabetic coma, an ear infection and two anxiety attacks, the attorneys said.
A woman who was pronounced dead by a doctor when she fell into a diabetic coma yesterday accepted an out-of-court settlement.
In one Hersh & Hersh case, the North Carolina plaintiff suffered a diabetic coma after taking Zyprexa for eight months, and had to have his left leg and right foot amputated.