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Synonyms for center

a point or an area equidistant from all sides of something

a place of concentrated activity, influence, or importance

a point of origin from which ideas or influences, for example, originate

to direct toward a common center

at, in, near, or being the center

Synonyms for center

the piece of ground in the outfield directly ahead of the catcher

the object upon which interest and attention focuses

the middle of a military or naval formation

(basketball) the person who plays center on a basketball team

(football) the person who plays center on the line of scrimmage and snaps the ball to the quarterback

a place where some particular activity is concentrated

(ice hockey) the person who plays center on a hockey team

the sweet central portion of a piece of candy that is enclosed in chocolate or some other covering

mercantile establishment consisting of a carefully landscaped complex of shops representing leading merchandisers

the position on a hockey team of the player who participates in the face off at the beginning of the game

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(American football) the position of the player on the line of scrimmage who puts the ball in play

a position on a basketball team of the player who participates in the jump that starts the game

equally distant from the extremes

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of or belonging to neither the right nor the left politically or intellectually


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As Fong notes, pharmacies are becoming health care centers, and along those lines, Longs provides a full-line diabetic center in every store.
To determine the achievement rate of LDL-C goal according to the ADA and NCEP (ATP III) guidelines among type 2 diabetic patients in Saudi visiting the Diabetic Center Clinics in Family Medicine Department at Security Forces Hospital, Riyadh, KSA.
Study population was type 2 diabetic patients referred to Omolbanin, Diabetic Center in Isfahan, cultural capital of Iran.
A total of 310 patients were recruited, 150 were from Jabir Abu El-Izz Specialized Diabetic Center, 125 from specialized diabetic center in Xenam Hospital and 35 from the endocrinology referred clinic of Omdurman Military Hospital.
Bilal Bin Younis who heads the Diabetic Center at the hospital was quite informative and revealing.
One must start antibiotics if ulcer is suspected and refer the patient to a diabetic center, he added.
The Type 1 DM group was examined during their routine visits to the two Diabetic Centers and the healthy comparison group was examined in KSUCD clinics.
Muhammed Al-Harbi, director general of Diabetes Centers and Units at the MoH, said that the ministry is keen on introducing the insulin pump therapy through its diabetic centers in the Kingdom.