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involving a transfer of heat

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The main objective of this paper is to report on newly obtained data on adiabatic and diabatic transitional heat transfer and pressure drop inside smooth horizontal tubes with various inlet geometries.
Looking at the transition from laminar to turbulent flow, it can be observed that the s-curve for the diabatic case was much smaller than that witnessed for the adiabatic case.
The diabatic laminar friction factors were compared to Tam and Ghajar's (1997) diabatic friction factor correlation, which is given as
Measurements of adiabatic and diabatic fluid flow in an annulus with an inner rotating cylinder, Journal of Heat Transfer, 84: 97-105.
Flow pattern based two-phase frictional pressure drop model for horizontal tubes, Part I: Diabatic and adiabatic experimental study.
Investigation of flow boiling in horizontal tubes: Part I, A new diabatic two-phase flow pattern map.
Similarly, the only correlation available for the prediction of underpressure of vaporization in diabatic capillary tube is the Chen and Lin correlation (2001).
They classified the available literature on the capillary tubes into experimental and numerical investigations of adiabatic and diabatic capillary tubes.
In diabatic capillary tube, the flashpoint location is even more difficult to trace as the number of parameters is increased.
Figure 1a shows the vapor compression system employing a diabatic capillary tube.
It should be noted that for a diabatic capillary tube, two more parameters must be considered: suction-line inlet superheat and heat exchange length.
Investigation of flow boiling in horizontal tubes: Part I--A new diabatic two-phase flow pattern map.
Experimental Investigation on the Flow of R-134a through Adiabatic and Diabatic Capillary Tubes (CH-09-011)
The characteristic curves for diabatic capillary tubes differ from those of adiabatic capillary tubes.
Therefore, the nondimensional 7i-terms are (n - m = 7) for diabatic capillary tube.