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involving a transfer of heat

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Petterssen (1940), who was worried about losing the large-scale character of air masses because of various diabatic surface processes, similarly rejected surface variables for (large scale) frontal analyses, as they are "often neither representative nor conservative" (Petterssen 1940, p.
In the simplification made by Priestley & Taylor (1972), the adiabatic term was suppressed and incorporated to the diabatic term through the multiplication by a coefficient [alpha] = 1.
Measurements of adiabatic and diabatic fluid flow in an annulus with an inner rotating cylinder, Journal of Heat Transfer, 84: 97-105.
Similarly, the insulin pump in the diabatic patient can be powered by the glucose of the blood stream of the patient (Katz et al.
Another important concept is that a system that permits energy to escape through its boundary in the form of heat if there is a difference in temperature between itself and its surroundings is called Diabatic or Diathermic.
His research has included convecting flows of a radiating gas, burnout mechanisms for microchannel flows, energy transport in spot welding, and diabatic choking limits for compressible flows.
Filling the gap for a book covering vibronic, nonadiabatic and diabatic couplings as well as radiationless processes in context, this monograph compiles classic and cutting-edge work from numerous researchers into one handy source.
Flow boiling in horizontal tubes, Part 1: Development of a diabatic two-phase flow pattern map.
ACRE have an important influence on both the vertical and horizontal distribution of atmospheric diabatic heating, and thus have a profound impact on the tropospheric circulation as demonstrated from previous studies.
2005, Investigation of Flow Boiling in Horizontal Tubes: Part I - A Mew Diabatic Two-Phase Flow Pattern Map, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 48, 2955-2969
Flow boiling in horizontal tubes: Part 1-Development of a diabatic two-phase flow pattern map.
2013: A diabatic Lagrangian technique for the analysis of convective storms.
This section has been divided into two parts: First part comprising of literature on metastability in adiabatic capillary tubes and second part contains literature on diabatic capillary tubes.