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the commonest type of solidified lava

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Due to intense diabase dyking, deformation and recrystallisation, establishment of the local stratigraphy is difficult and the thickness of the formation could not be established.
The geophysical surveys will be followed by an aggressive at depth drilling program to explore the north and south extensions of the Main zone, west of the diabase dyke and to better define the sector bounded by the current holes.
Diabase is a fine- to medium-grained, dark gray to black intrusive igneous rock.
Based on macroscopic and microscopic geological comparisons with Precambrian intrusive rocks from Missouri and glacial erratics exposed in creek beds from south-western Illinois, we conclude that all of the axe-heads in all of the caches--including the 70 Grossmann cache specimens--were made using basalt, diabase, and gabbro from the St.
Geochemical FER-1 to FER-4 Iron formation rocks MRG-1 Gabbro rock SY-3 Syenite rock TDB-1 Diabase rock WGB-1 Gabbro rock WMS-1 Massive sulfide rock WPR-1 Altered peridotite rock
Phenocryst-poor latite and trachyte are interpreted as the result of mineral separation, and phenocryst-rich tephrite porphyry and olivine diabase porphyry are the result of phenocryst accumulations in the magma chamber.
The purpose of this procurement is to develop or replace the document and case management system Diabase towards an operational system that holistically manages.
The Precambrian Ophiolits in north of Anarak are seen underneath the Precambrian-lower Cambrian metamorphics [7] and are of Harzburgite and partly lherzolite accompanied with whom scattered masses of gabbro, Diabase, and plagiogranite are observed.
The latest phases of the intrusion form an elongate northwest-striking stock composed of pyroxene syenite and diabase that cut equigranular syenite and biotite monzonite.
The Charlo plutonic suite is a group of small plutons and dykes, located west of the Dickie Brook and Landry Brook plutons and consists mainly of diabase, quartz monzonite to monzogranite, rhyolite porphyry, and dacite porphyry.
The AC aggregate is selected in such a way as to include the main natural stone materials applied in manufacturing of AC in Latvia--dolomite, granite and diabase.
A primary three-phase fluid inclusion assemblage contained within growth-zoned quartz crystals in the granophyric phase of the Nipissing diabase was chosen as representative of the highest temperature fluids responsible for ore deposition at Cobalt.
A Karlova-tyne battle-axe of diabase or porphyry was found left of the skull and a whole clay vessel (altogether 10 sherds were found during the excavation) was unearthed at the head.
Diabase and, less frequently, gabbro and microgabbro were selected for rubbers, cutting tools, perforated hammers, small mortars and virtually all expedient hand-stones.