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a long loincloth worn by Hindu men

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Warning the clubs of strict legal action, she said that a private club's move to ban the entry of a Madra High Court judge because he was wearing a dhoti on July 11, was in bad taste and completely unacceptable.
In the early Indic period, men of the Konkan coast and Deccan plateau wore a loincloth (kashti), a short loin wrap (kapod), a long lungi or a simple dhoti (pudvem).
And I'm sorry, if this had been a white Christian BP worker telling a woman wearing a burka or a man wearing a dhoti or a turban that he couldn't be served (with anything) until they went home and changed, the worker would have been sacked quicker than you could say "industrial tribunal" and charged with racism to boot.
The gods sport spears, and some are clad in a white skirt-like cloth called dhoti.
The portrait of Gandhi recalled the extraordinary power of this small spectacled man wearing sandals and a homespun dhoti whose intent to fast to death had halted Indian violence.
Either that or the slow-learners are being weeded out through there's been a switch to the kilt, dhoti or metal-hinged skirts as worn by Brad Pitt in his latest film Troy and Colin Farrell in Alexander.
There was Mahatma Gandhi who removed his suit and was finally left with a long dhoti to fight for the rights of the countrymen.
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He was wearing a white dhoti and a shirt and had not taken his identity card and specs," the relative said.
New Delhi, July 14 ( ANI ): Communist Party of India (CPI) leader D Raja on Monday said it was highly deplorable that a high court judge had been denied entry into a club for wearing a dhoti, the state's traditional attire.
Men generally wear special dhoti, known as 'Kasavu Mundu', while women wear Kasavu Saree.
Prathapan was wearing a white cotton dhoti (a long cloth worn by men in India to cover the lower part of the body) and shirt, the customary dress for men in Kerala.
He said that why critics of Sindh Topi do not criticize Dhoti and Pajama.
From his loins down to his feet a voluminous dhoti is clearly seen.
A FRIEND of mine, who hoped he had the gift for writing, rebelled against his middleclass upbringing by becoming a beggar in Calcutta, where he alarmed the regulars by slapping along the pavement in a pair of colonial sandals, green socks, a freshly-pressed dhoti and a jacket checked in the style favoured by those who ride the turf.