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an Indian tree of the family Combretaceae that is a source of timber and gum

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Linguistically, the Arabic words dhaway 'adlin and ithnan dhawa 'adlin could refer to men or women, a point that Amina Wadud has made in other contexts in Qur'an and Woman.
For example, musical groups formed, such as the Arffan Qallo and Biftu Ganamo, in Dirre Dhawa (Jalata, 1993: 161).
Tenders are invited for work of iec activities in 180 villages of barmer district under umedsagar dhawa samdari khandap part iii including survey and project preparation for pipeline upto psps in main and other habitations
Tenders are invited for Faizabad Road Nh 28 To Imli Bandhan Manddir Via Ganeshpur Rahmanpur Tiwariganj And Dhawa Link Road
Errection & renovation of 440V O/H line from colony sub,station to near four pole football ground feeding power toGoalki Dhawa 6 nos.