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an Indian tree of the family Combretaceae that is a source of timber and gum

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Linguistically, the Arabic words dhaway 'adlin and ithnan dhawa 'adlin could refer to men or women, a point that Amina Wadud has made in other contexts in Qur'an and Woman.
Tenders are invited for 1-Hajipur Marui road Km-2 to ali Patti via Rajepur Dhawa Link Road-4.
Tenders are invited for Special repair To Barsathi Se Kharawa Dhawa L/R.
Tenders are invited for Special repair Of Fatehullapur Barhat Km7 To Dhawa Lr
Tenders are invited for flood restoration work distt sub dn dhawa under distt dn ii jodhpur (package no 16)
Tenders are invited for remaining work on a/r to jaoli km 0/0 to 0/500 and dhawa to sirsala km 0/0 to 3/0 under ridf-xxi (package no.
Tenders are invited for Supply And Installation Of Split Air Conditioner And Stabilizer At Aiims Centre For Rural Health, Dhawa (Distt - Jodhpur)
Tenders are invited for Electrical Items At AIIMS Centre for Rural Health, Dhawa (DisttJodhpur)
Tenders are invited for bhatiyi dhawa pmgsy to bangora
Tenders are invited for operation and mantinance of water supply for 22 villages based on 3200 kl ghsr including mantinance of esr gsr main and distribution of pipe line under rwss ummed sagar dhawa samdari khandap