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with dexterity

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The communal drape was unfortunately reminiscent of a "Snuggie," beloved of couch potatoes on both sides of the Atlantic, a blanket with a pair of voluminous sleeves attached to it, enabling its occupant to drink beer and nibble snacks while remaining dextrously in charge of the remote control.
An Italian chef dextrously manipulates a pizza in an oven using a tool called a pizza peel," New Scientist magazine quoted Makoto Kaneko, the team's leader at the university, as saying.
The synth-heavy funk of Dancing Choose is just one of the dextrously layered nuggets on Dear Science, and finds the band in a slick groove.
Duke Of Marmalade's appearing over 1m4f for the first time may not seem such a big move when reviewed years or even days afterwards, so dextrously did he deal with it, but the uncertainty of how he would manage the extra two furlongs was a powerful ingredient in the drama of his seesawing battle with Papal Bull.
A life in the sun (or dextrously escaping from it) could surely result in some new activities and new typologies.
I dextrously slipped their shells away, with only the occasional splatter of oil and just enough to make the point that this is definitely a two-handed job.
As the female rises to meet the male in mid-flight, the male drops his catch in mid-air which is dextrously caught by the female with an outstretched foot.
You can still see street sellers dextrously balancing lumps of dough in their hands, kneading and slicing at rapid speed to produce noodles.
to inform and confer with him on the state of affairs: but the ministry, who knew not so much that it was attacked, precluded all communication, and were solacing themselves how dextrously they had succeeded; but in a few hours the accounts arrived so thick and fast, that they had to start from their desks and run.
In pursuing these and some lesser strands with sustained readability and the ability to keep dextrously juggling with so many balls, Foster can lay claim to having executed a heroic task with exemplary aplomb and aptitude.
His sallow-skinned coven is mounted on pewter-coloured wolves, boars and goats, dextrously painted on a dark cloud.