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abnormal condition where the heart is located toward the right side of the chest

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The most common radiological manifestations of PS include polysplenia multiple nodular spleens in the course of the greater curvature of the stomach in the left upper quadrant, left-sided IVC, midline liver, preduodenal portal vein, short pancreas, malrotation of the intestines, and dextrocardia (1, 2, 7).
Dentro de cada componente las malformaciones mas frecuentes fueron: hernia diafragmatica 38,1 %, hipoplasia pulmonar 61,9 %, hipoplasia pulmonar derecha 52,4 %, dextrocardia 38,1 %, defecto del septum auricular 38,1 %, sindrome de corazon izquierdo hipoplasico 33,3 %; agonadismo 66,6 %, hipoplasia / agenesia de utero 38,1 %, derivados mullerianos anomalos o ausentes 47,6 %, anomalias de vagina 28,6 %, estructuras mullerianas y wolfianas remanentes (52,4 %), respectivamente (Tabla I).
sup][2],[3] Among cardiac anomalies, association of omphalocele with dextrocardia has been reported in few literatures.
Caption: Figure 2: CT chest revealed right lung agenesis, dextrocardia, compression of the distal trachea, and proximal left bronchus beneath the aorta.
An echocardiogram confirmed suspicions for dextrocardia.
25 Rare association includes dextrocardia renal hypoplasia leukaemia and Mobius syndrome.
17 Patients with Marfan syndrome, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, isolated dextrocardia with no CHD, and isolated congenital heart block with no structural abnormalities were not included in the study.
The three-year-old was born with a genetic condition with left him with an absent left radius and thumb, hypoplasia of the right thumb and dextrocardia glandular hypospadius.
IVC hypoplasia may also be associated with other congenital anomalies, such as polysplenia, renal or pulmonary dysgeneses, dextrocardia or other congenital cardiac diseases.
The chest X-ray showed dextrocardia, cardiomegaly, pulmonary congestion and aortic atheromatosis (Figure 5).
It rarely occurs on the left clavicula and is usually associated with dextrocardia.
On routine investigation, chest x-ray (PA view) showed dextrocardia, increased broncho-pulmonary markings in left lower lobe and gastric bubble on left side.
Dextrocardia occurs during the early weeks of pregnancy.
He also has dextrocardia, in which the heart points toward the right side of the chest instead of the left.