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of or on the right


preferring to use right foot or hand or eye

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Dextral transpression and Late Carboniferous sedimentation in the Fundy coastal zone of southern New Brunswick.
They present findings on the structural geology of dextral fault zones in the trough, basic analysis and fault activity, and changes after initiation of the San Jacinto and San Felipe fault zones.
Snail genera tend to be either dextral (right-coiling) or sinistral (left-coiling) but the genus Satsuma contains both dextral and sinistral species, reports Nature.
The dextral lateral displacement along the Polotsk-Kurzeme Deformation Zone is obviously marked by the deflection of the BPGB and the Zarasai structures as recorded by linear magnetic anomalies (Fig.
Prominent among these outlaw bibliogenes--the sinistral current of the accidental, the individual, meandering alongside orthodoxy's channelled dextral flow--would be Hans Hvass's Mammals of the World.
of Florida), these papers discuss such geological exhumation topics such kinematics, deformation processes, dextral offset and patterns of bedrock uplift.
The directions of the three axes of the kinematical joints form a dextral trihedral and they are oriented upon the frontal, transversal and sagittal direction of the shoulder's joint.
This dextral curvature of the heart initially creates two enlarged areas of the heart: the primitive ventricle and smaller, primitive atrium.
Probably these groups of minor folds might have been produced by a secondary stress field, having a localized compression axis in the NE-SW direction and extension in the NW-SE direction, developed as a result of dextral shearing along the Churachandpur-Mao Thrust (C-M-T) zone.
2) also presents some divided tergites, with a different arrangement: tergite IV is completely divided but tergite V is fused sinistraly with the dextral half of tergite VI.
Handedness as a continuous variable with dextral shift: Sex, generation, and family handedness in subgroups of left-handers and right-handers.
69) well-preserved, up to 15 mm in length but more commonly less than 10 mm, dextral, relatively thick; spire acute-conical, bearing up to 7 whorls, sutures deeply impressed; growth lines inconspicuous, worn; aperture tear-shaped (Harmen & Berg 1971); subfossils lack periostracum.
Types of plans and calculation of the dextral amount.