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Synonyms for dexterous

Synonyms for dexterous

exhibiting or possessing skill and ease in performance

showing art or skill in performing or doing

Synonyms for dexterous

skillful in physical movements


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When any large insect, as a grasshopper or wasp, is caught, the spider, by a dexterous movement, makes it revolve very rapidly, and at the same time emitting a band of threads from its spinners, soon envelops its prey in a case like the cocoon of a silkworm.
The shaft-horses were tilted against the shafts by the ruts, but the dexterous driver sitting on the box held the shaft over the ruts, so that the wheels ran on the smooth part of the road.
My patron lying at home longer than usual without fitting out his ship, which, as I heard, was for want of money, he used constantly, once or twice a week, sometimes oftener if the weather was fair, to take the ship's pinnace and go out into the road a- fishing; and as he always took me and young Maresco with him to row the boat, we made him very merry, and I proved very dexterous in catching fish; insomuch that sometimes he would send me with a Moor, one of his kinsmen, and the youth - the Maresco, as they called him - to catch a dish of fish for him.
We went frequently out with this boat a-fishing; and as I was most dexterous to catch fish for him, he never went without me.
Says she, 'I could help you to a schoolmistress that shall make you as dexterous as herself.
For all that, and quick and dexterous as he was, Gashford had seen him recognise Hugh with the air of a patron.
It was (at least it might have been, always excepting for that wise resolution) like his dexterous impudence to call it a Paradise.
In fact, as he threw himself at one dexterous dive into his former seat, Mr.
Upon this, our gunner who was a very dexterous fellow ran out his two case-guns, and fired again at her, but the shot missing, the men in the boat shouted, waved their caps, and came on.
The other boy, to whom this order was addresed, did as he was told, and was rewarded for his partizanship in behalf of his master, by a dexterous rap on the nose with the key, which brought the water into his eyes.
Through this partnership, we are able to leverage our dexterous manipulation and defense robotics expertise to benefit the healthcare market.
1 Based on previous partner results, developing systems which are able to grab and dock with one or more arms and perform dexterous accurate manipulation with another arm.
After an amputation, the nerves in a stump remain healthy, at least for a while, and scientists are making use of this fact to create highly dexterous, thought-controlled prosthetics.
Even the most dexterous Scout would have trouble making a knot in an organic molecule.
they look great, they are as deft and dexterous as ever, and their star power is intact - a slight malaise still hung in the air.