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exhibiting childlike simplicity and credulity

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There's A Place is a gorgeously dewy-eyed strum, reminiscent of the down tempo works of The Band, while The Reveal meanwhile is a delicately picked harp instrumental interlude that breaks up the EP expertly.
The Back-Up Plan seems to have been written with Sandra Bullock in mind, mixing physical comedy with dewy-eyed emotional outpourings.
The target audience is revealed in ballad We'll Be A Dream, a dewy-eyed duet between Clark and Disney Camp Rock star Demi Lovato.
Perhaps we should not get too dewy-eyed about this changing of the guard on the banks of the Tees.
Outtakes submits only this pearl, given by a cranky older reporter when Outtakes was once a dewy-eyed undergrad visiting the Associated Press office in Chicago: "Go to law school, kid.
Matthew, the '3Rs' now stand for Reduce, Re-use and Recycle; a dewy-eyed young teacher explains the reward system for bringing reusable lunch boxes, and older students scurry around switching off lights and computers.
It would be folly to let dewy-eyed nostalgia derail such a musically productive period.
As punters, we should realise that rational judgement tends to pay better then dewy-eyed sentimentality in the long run.
Sherry Jr, an expert in 'retro-marketing' and 'the revival of brand meaning': "Retro-marketing is not merely a matter of reviving dormant brands and foisting them on softhearted, dewy-eyed, nostalgia-stricken consumers.
As we have said before, the redistricting debacles in the last three decades should have persuaded the most dewy-eyed lawmakers that self-serving gerrymandering is a temptation their leadership can't resist.
But if it's the rustle of the banknotes rather than the gleam of the Cup which takes paramount importance for most of the 64 clubs in this weekend's third round, the ruthless realism melts into dewy-eyed nostalgia as Jones adds: "I've always loved the FA Cup.
The high-falutin' poets had invited the kilt-wearing son of a butcher to prepare a vegetarian haggis to celebrate Burns Night, the annual bash on January 25 when Scots of a certain style become dewy-eyed and recite verses from their national bard, which always bemuse the ears of strangers.
The movie's dewy-eyed romanticization of the past seems strange coming from a company known for its innovation.
Mum still might occasionally wonder why she came when she watches the growing pile of sand-filled washing waiting to be taken home but I'll guarantee when she looks at the holiday snaps in a couple of weeks (or decades) she'll be dewy-eyed with nostalgia.
Professor Etzioni, the author of 22 books and a senior adviser to President Clinton, writes in the preface to his latest offering: "After many decades during which it had been agreed that a world government was a pipe dream, envisioned only by dewy-eyed idealists, we are discovering that swelling transnational problems cannot be handled by nation-states nor by international organizations alone.