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a hanging fold of loose skin on an elderly person's neck

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The researchers also observed that both the push-ups and rapid dewlap extensions prompted neighbouring lizards to orient themselves more quickly to the displaying robots than when head bobs were performed without these alerts.
My mum had one and by the time she was 60 she had real dewlaps.
I'd look a sight, strutting about the streets with the slap dripping off my dewlaps.
Burkhart adds insult to these injuries with her rebarbative color combinations (bright orange and deep turquoise, for example) and her use of tacky materials like wood-grain contact paper and marbleized mirrored glass, while her literal, illustrative line duly registers the actress's wrinkles and dewlaps.
Thanks to the magic of paint, he switched the color of throat flaps, called dewlaps, in members of two otherwise similar-looking Anolis species.