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a hanging fold of loose skin on an elderly person's neck

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The dewlap and the neck are useful indicators of condition in Bali cattle but are not specifically mentioned in the other two systems.
com> Ducklings: Pekin, Rouen, Khaki Campbell, Golden 300 Egg Layer, White Layer, BlueSwedish, Buff, Cayuga, Mallard, Welsh Harlequin, White Crested & Runners (Black, Chocolate, Blue, Fawn & White) Goslings: Embden, White Chinese, Brown Chinese, Toulouse, Dewlap Toulouse, African, Buff, Tufted Buff, Sebastopol, Pilgrim, Roman Tufted.
Male green anoles have a dewlap, a flap of pink skin under their necks, which they flare to attract females or establish territorial dominance.
Although not a distinct animal species, as it is capable of fruitfully interbreeding with common cattle, Bos taurus, it is, however, a very distinct subspecies, characterized by a substantial hump on its anterior back and a marked dewlap, or flap of skin along its throat, amongst other attributes.
Only large adult males were used in the study due to the fact that they are larger and more conspicuous due to their social dewlap displays.
Their ears are generally large and pendulous, and the throatlatch and dewlap have a large amount of excess skin.
Male anoles have a flap of pink and white skin on their throats, called a dewlap, which they display during courtship or when another male enters their territory.
With a pronounced shoulder hump and sagging dewlap, eland may remind an observer of Brahma bulls.
Images from an ultraviolet video camera (top, right) reveal a brilliant dewlap in Anolis pulchellus that contrasts sharply with the surrounding vegetation, which tends to absorb light at those wavelengths, Fleishman and his colleagues report in the Sept.
Puffing out his dewlap in a display of proud territoriality, he adds a living dimension to our classical tradition, and is proof positive that Sarasota really does offer the perfect blend of nature and art.
Because of the dewlap and the big horns, this figurine might depict either an African buffalo or a large antelope (e.
Someone else understands that this person means to refer to an animal with a dewlap and so on, and that to this end he wants to pronounce gauh but instead pronounces g[bar{a}]v[bar{i}].
When a leaf mine was found, the position of the leaf harboring the lesion was noted relative to the leaf associated with the top visible dewlap (TVD = 0).
His red, white, and blue head is coiled back above the crimson dewlap, wormlike snood dangling over the front of his beak.