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a hanging fold of loose skin on an elderly person's neck

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dewlap, shoulder area, external genitalia and udder region legs particularly hind legs, abdominal area and in some cases head regions particularly neck.
An unusual form of lipoma in cattle: Multiple subcutaneous tumours in the dewlap.
Males change their color from light grey to brown and black with white spots, and their dewlap colors are from yellow-orange with a red edge to orange-red.
The second secondary section connects the square of freedom in hopitalfranz dewlap through the bus station.
The broiler can increase the surface area, keeping the wings away from the body, ruffling the feathers and intensifying peripheral circulation to tissues not covered by feathers as the feet, crest and dewlap.
DEWLAP A Fold of loose skin hanging from the throat of cattle B Precipitation of moisture over prolonged period C Morning period of exercise who am I?
The male will approach and repeat the behavior, extending his dewlap and performing his stuttering push-up.
2002): An experimental test of the importance of the dewlap in male mating success in the lizard Anolis sagrei.
Anolis sagrei The colorful dewlap is displayed in the mating ritual, or to ward oil predators.
All stages of development are found on cattle, large wild ruminants and zebras, on which animals the ticks attach to the sides of the body, dewlap, shoulders and neck.
Rabbits who cannot reach the site of an irritation because of arthritis, obesity, or intervening skin folds sometimes chew at their dewlap instead and simple baldness may result, but frequently the skin also appears irritated.
Piney was prettier, with very even antlers and a huge dewlap.
Fire burst from its mouth, its eyes glowed with a smouldering glare, its muzzle and hackles and dewlap were outlined in flickering flame.
Males are known to show territorialism and fight toward invading males by inflating the dewlap (Karunarathna and Amarasinghe 2008, Somaweera and Somaweera 2009).