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the temperature at which the water vapor in the air becomes saturated and condensation begins

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Trends for average dew-point temperature (Figure 4[a]) are significantly different from those for dry-bulb temperature.
A small vacuum pump is used to draw a small sample of air from the test section of the duct and across the chilled mirror dew-point hygrometer sensor, where the dew-point temperature is measured.
The properties determined include bubble-and dew-point temperatures, vapor pressure, equilibrium composition of the components, enthalpy, and entropy of the mixtures at saturation pressures.
As seen, the temperature of the refrigerant from the first-stage expansion caused by the capillary tube is designated to be above the corresponding dew-point temperature of the ambient environment.
It was also mentioned that the dew-point temperature of CFB boiler flue gas should be determined.
The rate of increase in the cooling duty during the initial cooling cycle was found to be much larger for the air condition with a higher air-side dew-point temperature.
2008) comprises detailed results for comparisons of the developed algorithm with the model of Hyland and Wexler model (1983a, 1983b) for the thermodynamic properties enthalpy, entropy, dew-point temperature, and wet-bulb temperature of moist air.
The sensible chilled water loop provides no latent cooling, which is accomplished by supplying chilled water at a higher temperature than the design room dew-point temperature.
The refrigerant mass flow produced by the compressor increases with increasing suction dew-point temperature and decreasing discharge dew-point temperature.
These include total sky cover, dry-bulb temperature, dew-point temperature, relative humidity, absolute humidity, pressure, and wind speed.
If the temperature of the air passing through the evaporator goes below the dew-point temperature, then condensation of moisture in air takes place.
That fact leads one to envision all sorts of processes where, in the limit, there is the possibility that dew-point temperature air is achievable.
Therefore, to study the condensation resistance of the window system, the lowest temperature of the middle glass pane and the dew-point temperature of the indoor air during winter conditions and outdoor air during summer conditions were tracked.
On a rise in room dew point temperature, swift action by operational staff is needed to prevent condensation by quickly reducing the room dew-point temperature or warming the supply water temperature to the chilled beams.
If a surface temperature is below the dew-point temperature, water will condense on this surface.