dew point

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the temperature at which the water vapor in the air becomes saturated and condensation begins

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8) Check Moisture Level in the Resin--The moisture in the resin isn't just a function of the -40[degrees] dew point from the dryer.
Early tests confirmed that Osorb could be fully regenerated with heat application and a nitrogen purge for hydrocarbon dew point reduction operations.
The dew point is the temperature ([degrees]F) to which air must be cooled to produce dew (assuming a constant barometric pressure).
To respond to these new requirements, Yamatake has developed the FDW20 low dew point version of the FINEDEW chilled mirror hygrometer, which offers an expanded measurement range.
The PF boiler test data obtained previously showed that the dew point of oil shale flue gas fluctuates between 75 and 80[degrees]C and does not depend on boiler thermal load or boiler design [3].
Dew point temperature is a concern during cropping particularly when the dry bulb temperature is changing.
At some height, its temperature becomes less than the dew point, the special temperature at which air is saturated with water vapor.
Many people assume fog is water vapor or gas, but it's actually tiny liquid droplets that form when the temperature and dew point find each other, he said.
Paddy Power: 4-9 Mega Delight; 7-2 Making Merry; 7 Blue Boomer; 10 Metric Tiger; 20 Quivers Beauty; 25 Dew Point.
JetStream[R] technology consists of a short-time, steam-heating module and a steam-air impingement heating section, maintaining product-surface temperature at the desired dew point for sufficient pasteurization time.
When moist air cools to its dew point, there are so many water molecules condensed on each aerosol that the particles become visible water droplets.
The dew point down there is normally shaking hands with triple digits.
If possible, it is ideal to have the p[ant air at a dew point of -40F.
It could be 120[degrees]F outside, but if the dew point is low enough, animals will be fine.
Since warm air holds more moisture, its dew point, or the temperature at which water condenses, is therefore increased.