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Synonyms for devoutness

a state of often extreme religious ardour

Synonyms for devoutness

piety by virtue of being devout

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Over the past few decades, Malaysia's economy has boomed, despite increasing social conservatism and religious devoutness.
Kennedy was a womanizer who never gave the impression of devoutness, although he liked to be seen in the company of Cardinal Richard Cushing of Boston.
Central to questions about the validity of instruments for evaluating and measuring spiritual wellness and illness is the issue of widely diverse standards for judging elements such as commitment, devoutness, ritual faithfulness, and other criteria used in various world religions, their subsidiary denominations and sects, and the functionally equivalent philosophies, therapies, and practices that serve as parts of spirituality or as its synonyms, analogies, or substitutes.
72) It seems that narratives were adjusted to the Calvinist credo that a church was not holy in itself, but was blessed thanks to the purity, integrity, and devoutness of the minister and his herd.
David said: "If this did happen then the citizens would have compared Hugh's exactions with the benefactions and devoutness of Godiva and Leofric.
Perhaps more importantly, these lines succeed as well as they do because the profanation of the sacred depends on a complex poetic attitude in which the sacred is genuinely cherished as a source of human compassion, even as devoutness and skepticism still intermingle persuasively.
As a result of her devoutness, Hannah discovers "how ready [the slaves] were to serve and obey me" (11).
Dickinson explains that early hymns strove to be a uniting factor for a humanity struggling to define devoutness (51).
He and his three sisters were raised as "extremely irreverent children" and "devilish infidels," he told the Independent (UK) (10/13/06), despite his grandparents' devoutness.
The other was to 'consider the Companions of the Round Table as personifications of certain moral qualities, and select for representation such adventures of Arthur and his Knights as best exemplified the courage, magnamity, courtesy, temperance, fidelity, devoutness and other qualities which made up the idea of chivalric greatness'" (Girouard, p.
Every church that lifts up the commemoration and celebration of our Lord's resurrection is going to have a devoutness to it," Savas said.
While Cameron's voice has a narrative strength, Sternberg's is less effective simply because of its devoutness and formality, a tone that is archaic to our ears.
In "Mary Tudor: The Tragical History of The First Queen Of England", historian David Loades (Emeritus Professor of History at the University of Wales and an Associate of the Centre for Early Modern History at the University of Oxford) fully explores the dimensions of a complex life in a time of political volatility, religious wars, male domination of government, royal marriages for political advantages, personal devoutness, and a woman who was in many ways stronger than any of the men with whom she associated in her quest for royal power and Catholic supremacy.
of a secular and lay life, bore and conserved devoutness to a most
Religious devoutness in college students: Relations with emotional adjustment and psychological separation from parents.