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Synonyms for devoutly


Synonyms for devoutly

in a devout and pious manner


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I warrant thee; and we worship not St Nicholas so devoutly but what thy thirty zecchins may yet escape, if thou deal uprightly with us.
He attacked like an angry lion, but he was met by a tap on the mouth from the button of the licentiate's sword that checked him in the midst of his furious onset, and made him kiss it as if it were a relic, though not as devoutly as relics are and ought to he kissed.
But I can shrive their souls and hang their bodies most devoutly.
In other words, all at the right end of the piece became devoted Bourbonists, devoutly believing that princes, who were daily mentioned with so much reverence and respect, could be nothing else but perfect; while the opposite extreme were disposed to think that nothing good could come of Nazareth.
He entered perfectly breathless into the aerial chamber of the great bell; he gazed at her a moment, devoutly and lovingly; then he gently addressed her and patted her with his hand, like a good horse, which is about to set out on a long journey.
I hope that NO one will ever again ask me to marry him as long as I live," sobbed poor Anne, devoutly believing that she meant it.
An attempt was made to get devoutly religious Cook to talk to a minister on the phone, but he could not calm him.
We trust that, if enough people watch 'Ang Larawan' and are moved and enlightened by it, the National Artist conferment that we have long and devoutly wished for-will finally happen next year!
This custom is followed devoutly in the society that Leora Flint belongs to and has, until recently, had every faith in.
19, after the judge accused Massoud of lying and not abiding by the teachings of the Quran he claims to follow devoutly.
It always amuses me that millions of devoutly religious patients in hospitals throughout the world who recover from the use of such medicines developed from our scientific understanding of evolution will choose to give praise to God for their recovery.
Also this series, Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) takes Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) as her adviser, Lancel Lannister (Eugene Simon) returns as a member of the devoutly religious Sparrows and the brothers of the Night's Watch lose patience with Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and lead him into a trap.
Shazia Mirza, who bills herself as the first devoutly Muslim female stand-up comic, has voiced her opinions on the real reason Muslim girls join Daesh .
Rai chaired on Friday the Christmas mass in Bkerki, in presence of a huge crowd of official figures and dignitaries, as well as swarms of devoutly religious persons.
Tensions quickly arise between the authoritarian Cypriot captain, his devoutly religious second-in-command, an affable cook, and a trio of newcomers to the ship.