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Synonyms for devotional

Synonyms for devotional

deeply concerned with God and the beliefs and practice of religion

Words related to devotional

a short religious service

relating to worship

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On the other hand, if we view the Devotions as "delight[ful" in its capacity to understand "sickness as something imaginatively and devotionally productive," we miss the point of this kind of "close" to the Devotions: in his plea for the ability to remain in a state of abandonment to God's will, and therefore in complete submission to God's methods of production, Donne closes off the possibility that the Devotions itself should ever be viewed as "productive.
For me, this is the place to begin challenging and thinking theologically and devotionally about how one lives with these tensions.
Such ideas also linked them with a wider spiritual milieu--a devotionally oriented conservative manifestation of Catholicism suspicious of aspects of the Vatican II reforms and perhaps best referred to as "selective traditionalism.
11) Cleverly, neortodoksal'nyi in the general sense, not doctrinally or devotionally nepravoslavnyi and hence heretical.
Some books, he suggested, should be read critically, while others should be read devotionally or for relaxation.
Any reader who wishes to deepen his knowledge of the infancy of Christ in a way that is devotionally edifying and scientifically accomplished should ignore A.
From these exiguous descriptions--which probably refer to no more than four objects, assuming that items 1-2 and 3-4 (at least) share an identity-- Ruiz Garcia deduces that a cultre must have been an "objeto de devocion que, a modo de amuleto o escapulario, se solia llevar impuesto o bien se aplicaba sobre una parte del cuerpo en caso de necesidad" ("a devotional object which, like an amulet or scapular, was usually borne devotionally or applied to a given body part in case of need").
One can be theologically orthodox, devotionally pious, morally upright, or maybe even have one's worldview categories straight, and yet be shaped by the idolatrous Western story.
a general education rather than the devotionally oriented education in a
In "The Key to My Book," she says: "My work is based on no text more recondite than that of the Authorized Version: nor have I supposed it either essential or edifying to dwell on alternative readings" (Called to Be Saints: The Minor Festivals Devotionally Studied [London, 1881], p.
The little organ is played by Ludolf, an Eskimo, well and devotionally, and the singing is further accompanied by other musicians with one elarionet, five violins, and a violoncello.
In the early days the Bible was studied devotionally, but by the 1920s the emphasis was more on an optimistic "Kingdom-building.
s hermeneutical method works brilliantly; few readers will fail to be gripped intellectually, even devotionally, by the impassioned story of consummately perfect, ineffable love--the ineffable love of a mother for her son, of a bride for her spouse, of a sister for her brother, and of God for humanity.
His first two chapters examine the "gendered nature of sacramental rhetoric" in works by Southwell and Crashaw, who both use rhetorical extremes to "predicate a devotionally arousing vision of the continuity between eternal and temporal orders vis-a-vis female ideality" (10) even as they seek to contain the predication's emotional excesses.
Vitale, the Court dealt with a case challenging the practice of reading the Bible devotionally in a public school.