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Synonyms for devotional

Synonyms for devotional

deeply concerned with God and the beliefs and practice of religion

Words related to devotional

a short religious service

relating to worship

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For me, this is the place to begin challenging and thinking theologically and devotionally about how one lives with these tensions.
Vitale, the Court dealt with a case challenging the practice of reading the Bible devotionally in a public school.
Devotionally, however, surely the most unsettling change was that made in the interpretation of Mary's request at the Marriage of Cana: "They have no wine" (John 2:3).
The frontispiece is a most apt illustration to this book: Dante and Virgil are confronting Guido da Montefeltro, clearly recognizable, through the flames enveloping him, as a cordigliero with arms devotionally crossed; beyond him is Pope Boniface VIII, enthroned, stern, with a gesture that both threatens and absolves.
In contrast with Wales, that spiritual zeal is still evident in the Khasi Hills in India to this day, where 300,000 Calvinistic Methodists still devotionally adhere to the traditional Welsh Sunday that was first brought to them by Roberts' followers.
Questions just barely asked in Walden are fully formulated in Wild Fruits, which describes "much more particularly than in Walden the concrete ways in which the specific institutions of private property and competitive commerce prevent the citizens of a no longer classless republic from experiencing wild land either aesthetically or devotionally.
And Treasures Old and New will continue that revival, in a way that is both intellectually enriching and devotionally satisfying.
Icons, viewed with John's caveats, can be very devotionally useful.
Sacramentally and devotionally, you could say this is a very traditional Catholic haven.
People read devotions and read them devotionally, they walk labyrinths, they fast and pray.
Some performers emphasize the spiritual zealotry of the dance, whose early practitioners performed devotionally in Hindu temples.
Rio Branco's photographic series "Out of Nowhere" (a portion of which was exhibited last September at Throckmorton Fine Art in his first solo show in the US) was made in the old part of Rio de Janeiro at the Santa Rosa Boxing Academy, named, we imagine, after that role model of the devotionally extravagant, the Rose of Lima.
While there are many internal debates within Hinduism, one in particular is between bhakas, those who worship God devotionally in images, and yogins and others who view this practice as unenlightened.
I used this book devotionally, reading one meditation and reflecting on one image each new day: nourishment for the soul
9) Christina Rossetti, Called to Be Saints: The Minor Festivals Devotionally Studied (London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1902), p.