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Fortunately, he had no opportunity to give the duke this proof of his devotion, and the young woman and the handsome Musketeer entered the Louvre by the wicket of the Echelle without any interference.
resumed Mazarin, with his artful smile; "from pure zeal and devotion then?
It had a moral basis; it needed to feel itself surrounded by the warm devotion of a band of brothers.
We must all feel at times the difficulty of fixing our thoughts as we could wish; but if you are supposing it a frequent thing, that is to say, a weakness grown into a habit from neglect, what could be expected from the private devotions of such persons?
But let us return to ourselves, to that devotion of which you were speaking, or rather let me labor under a pleasing delusion, and believe that this devotion is love.
The devotions consisted only of two hymns from the Plymouth Collection and a short prayer, and seldom occupied more than fifteen minutes.
But, if my devotion, as you are pleased to call my summerset, saved you, did it not save me too, for here we are, all three of us, in first-rate health?
When the aide-de-camp, having returned and choosing an opportune moment, ventured to draw the Emperor's attention to the devotion of the Poles to his person, the little man in the gray overcoat got up and, having summoned Berthier, began pacing up and down the bank with him, giving him instructions and occasionally glancing disapprovingly at the drowning Uhlans who distracted his attention.
But he smiled upon us all, and I had no chance to distinguish myself from the rest by any act of devotion before the blessed vision faded, though for long afterwards, in impassioned reveries, I accosted him and claimed him kindred because of my fealty, and because I would have been Spanish if I could.
Where is the woman who could have resisted such devotion as this--inspired, truly inspired, by herself?
The one was a well-to- do country gentleman, the other a beautiful and accomplished woman to whom he was passionately attached with what I now know to have been a jealous and exacting devotion.
Now I know it, our married life has begun--begun with a new object for your wife's devotion, with a new reason for your wife's love
can never rob you of my heart's unalterable fidelity, of my soul's unearthly devotion.
And as for her--she was devotion itself, a noble soul with a clear, keen intelligence and a heart of gold.
To my thinking, a woman's religion ought not to lessen her devotion to her earthly lord.