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Synonyms for devote

Synonyms for devote

to devote (oneself or one's efforts)

to give over by or as if by vow to a higher purpose

Synonyms for devote

give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause


set aside or apart for a specific purpose or use

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From the death of his mother in 1871 Ruskin began to devote his large inherited fortune to 'St.
Called home by the fatal illness of his father shortly before his four year's were completed, he decided, as Milton had done, and as Browning was even then doing, to devote himself to his art; but, like Milton, he equipped himself, now and throughout his life, by hard and systematic study of many of the chief branches of knowledge, including the sciences.
He escapes the embarrassing choice of a career by preferring to devote his life to my comfort.
We are all anxious to know,' said the old gentleman, 'what we have done to offend you, and to induce you to desert us and devote yourself to these solitary walks.
Cliff devotes an entire chapter to IRS Audit Concerns.
Then there is Nick Chrisie-Blick, soft-spoken Brit, who devotes himself to "picking away at the threads of theories until he finds a detail that unravels the whole thing".
Not surprisingly, given his initial antipathy to what he perceived as Therese's "cloynishness", he devotes a great deal of his time to explaining the deeper essential meanings of her doctrines.
The first part begins with a regional survey roughly similar to that which concluded volume 1, although it devotes greater detail to Wales and Scotland.