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feelings of ardent love


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Poor Maggie was by no means made up of unalloyed devotedness, but put forth large claims for herself where she loved strongly.
In some cases, these caregivers answered my questions or clarified information with a devotedness that rippled in the background, like splashes of light through a church's stained-glass windows.
In honor of Kemp's devotedness to the profession, the Financial Planning Association recognizes an individual each year with the P.
In general, I think we should be satisfied with the intensity of our cooperation, although there is certainly a room for improvement in terms of sustained, better coordinated and continuous devotedness at the administrative levels to our joint efforts.
Delivering a speech during the panel, professor Osman Euzsoy said that remaining a member of Aktif Ey-itim-Sen during this process is an indication of devotedness.
The governor characterized Wooster's actions as a striking example of devotedness to the cause of a beloved country, an example to the virtuous and pious in times of trial and war.
She wrote to her brother of "the holy peace, the joyous hope, the patient endurance, the deep sense of sin, the sense of God ever present, the humble yet firm confidence, the sweet submission, the entire devotedness, the ardent aspirations for holiness, the adoring views of God's character and government, the conscious and living union with Christ.
In this article Salvatore argues that Mahmud constructed his authority based largely on a personal narrative of devotedness and commitment.
According to Al-Eisa, the most significant feature of King Abdullah's policy is striving to unite the Islamic nation, closing its ranks and offering panacea for its illnesses with full devotedness to its causes.
Piety and devotedness Sheikh Abdullah Al-Hashedi, member of Iman University's fatwa panel, says that there is no problem with treatment by the Quran and that ruqia (treatment by recitation of the Quran) is allowed by Sharia, that it was done by the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), and that it is consistent with the Holy Quran, where Allah says: "C* And we send down from the Quran that which is healing and a mercy to those who believe [in Islamic Monotheism and act on it] and it gives polytheists and wrong-doers nothing but loss.
Had he forgotten his friends in Paris, of whom he said, "A more benevolent people I have never known, nor greater warmth and devotedness in their selected friendships.
Yet no instance has been adduced of such rapturous devotedness,
But no human expedients will ever make up for the devotedness and self sacrifice of Christian charity.
Al Hamar also asserted that the Health Ministry succeeded in meeting the fourth, fifth and sixth health goals in 2010, five years before the UN deadline of 2015, which testifies to the Ministry's affiliates' devotedness and loyalty to the wise leadership for its constant support for the health sector.
You are truly embracing this independence and consecrate its noble meanings in the souls of the Lebanese, through your commitment and adherence to accomplish your defensive, security and development role with much devotedness and loyalty.