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feelings of ardent love


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Here are his words: "I just want to emphasize that I have my practical training acquired in this Hospital, where I had the privilege to work as a famulus during World War I, with the founders of modern medicine in Croatia, Wickerhauser, Cackovic, Gutschy, Markovic, Hiihn, and in particular Dr Masek, my first teacher in otorhinolaryngology, who was a true noble man, an example of devotedness and loyalty to his vocation and initiator of three specialized professions in our country, i.
They had their own convictions, which were at the other end of the spectrum, but they believed in them with such devotedness, it was almost religious.
In order to be successful, public administration should radically reform its own self-evaluation, it should develop the image of mental devotedness and common objectives as well as self-knowledge, which should be connected to a positive self-illustration (Liebmann and Robischon, 2003).
The PPP MNA Faryal Talpur urged upon the LEAs to use all means available and make a manifest of their devotedness for bringing the culprits to their logical end.
In some cases, these caregivers answered my questions or clarified information with a devotedness that rippled in the background, like splashes of light through a church's stained-glass windows.
In the manifesto-work of Kelsenism, Scienza del diritto e analisi del linguaggio, Bobbio adamantly rejected the traditional legal theory unfavourably influenced by metaphysics and declared his devotedness to the methods practised by logical empiricism and analytical philosophy.
Their charitable work and their devotedness led the authorities to entrust them with responsibility for the Hopital general de Montreal, founded by the Charon brothers at the end of the 17th century, that was deep in debt and literally falling into ruin.
In general, I think we should be satisfied with the intensity of our cooperation, although there is certainly a room for improvement in terms of sustained, better coordinated and continuous devotedness at the administrative levels to our joint efforts.
May he reward your devotedness and your admirable hospitality with his abundant graces.
This avidity, this devotedness, why not call it by its name?
Delivering a speech during the panel, professor Osman Euzsoy said that remaining a member of Aktif Ey-itim-Sen during this process is an indication of devotedness.
The governor characterized Wooster's actions as a striking example of devotedness to the cause of a beloved country, an example to the virtuous and pious in times of trial and war.
She wrote to her brother of "the holy peace, the joyous hope, the patient endurance, the deep sense of sin, the sense of God ever present, the humble yet firm confidence, the sweet submission, the entire devotedness, the ardent aspirations for holiness, the adoring views of God's character and government, the conscious and living union with Christ.
Moreover, of those candidates who could resort to only one source of impartiality none were elected (regardless of their devotedness to children's rights advocacy).
They angrily rejected all commentaries related to their feminine charm, their talent to perform or their emotional devotedness to the historical character that they represented.