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Synonyms for devolve

Synonyms for devolve

to come as by lot or inheritance


Synonyms for devolve

pass on or delegate to another

be inherited by

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Labour leader Ed Miliband described the comments as 'alarming' but said devolving policing was 'the right thing to do.
Third, devolving power to the states does not solve the problem it is designed to address.
Yesterday, Sinn Fein's Ard Comhairle met in Dublin and following the meeting, party president Gerry Adams demanded the two governments set a date for devolving policing or else Sinn Fein will withdraw from power-sharing.
IPPR Associate Director Guy Lodge said: "There are powerful reasons for devolving welfare both as a way of improving social and economic outcomes and as a way of reinforcing the union.
Nevertheless, we recognise the advantage that devolving income tax will have in allowing further borrowing powers to the Welsh Government.
Young people were significantly more enthusiastic about devolving tax-varying powers while over-65s were more likely to be opposed.
Devolving powers is all very well, but without the provision of a decent level of resourcing, the devolved service will quickly become an expensive millstone.
In an article for the Institute of Welsh Affairs' journal Welsh Agenda, the former Home Office Minister and inaugural Assembly First Secretary Alun Michael argues that devolving both fields would "enable a joined up approach to be taken to crime reduction and the building of healthy communities".
FIRST Minister Carwyn Jones yesterday called on the Government to speed up its response to the Silk Commission's recommendations on devolving taxes such as stamp duty.
Speaking during Deputy Prime Minister's Questions, Mr Bryant said: "Some people in Wales are apparently in favour of devolving crime and policing and the justice system to the Welsh Assembly.
ENERGY: Advises against devolving energy decisions on big projects: "Planning policy and decision making for major infrastructure in Wales should be viewed in a wider context.
But we believe devolving legislative and executive responsibilities for the police service, together with equivalent responsibilities for community safety and crime-prevention is entirely manageable and has the potential to deliver significant benefits for the people of Wales.
He added: "It's not just a piece of legislation actually it's about personnel as well, what's the cost of doing this at Westminster, and if you're devolving that to us what would be the appropriate level of funding that comes alongside of that?
They say there is a case for devolving housing benefit and attendance allowance.
But last night, Newcastle MP Nick Brown said devolving fundraising powers could actually lead to cuts in central Treasury grant - with the region's residents and businesses forced to make up the difference instead.