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  • verb

Synonyms for devolve

Synonyms for devolve

to come as by lot or inheritance


Synonyms for devolve

pass on or delegate to another

be inherited by

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Gigantic responsibility devolves upon the teachers of Allama Iqbal Open University to assemble the required research from the books of important scholars of the developed countries and compile the study books according to the needs of the people living in far flung and backward areas across the country, he said this while inaugurating ceremony of the First Annual Book Fair arranged by Academic Staff Association (ASA) and Central Library of the University.
It devolves upon us to allow insurgents, hegemonic players or naysayers to do little to hurt this sentiment.
In such circumstances, it devolves upon the leaders who represent such communities to make them aware that such views have no place in modern times, as also no scientific basis.
Now it devolves upon those of us who have found bread to tell others where they, too, can find bread.
Often, this vengeful violence knows no bounds and devolves upon the off-spring as well.