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Synonyms for devolvement

the delegation of authority (especially from a central to a regional government)

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Two core aspects of SHRM are: the importance given to the integration of HRM into the business and corporate strategy, and the devolvement of HRM to line managers instead of personnel specialists.
If it's a Yes vote we need devolvement even more so.
Deregulate, decentralise, give ministries more autonomy to really run their own budget and affairs, the real devolvement of policy achievement without myopic controls, is the only way to improve things and renovate stultifying practices, so genuinely improving services.
He added that this occasion comes to us while our country enjoys progress, prosperity, security and stability; thanks to the consecutive devolvement plans and programs that focused on the Omani man as the goal for development and its effective tool.
The federal minister later assured the committee and provincial governments that ministry of IPC would urge the authorities concerned to speed up the procedure of devolvement, which is in the jurisdiction of cabinet committee looking matters of the devolution.
Content analysis methodologies have been applied to the scholarly and professional literature in order to address the evolution and devolvement of scholarly areas or topics of interest (Denzin & Lincoln, 1998).
The Central Government spends nearly 8,000 crore rupees under the NSAP scheme, but the devolvement of funds is being done in a complicated process in a layered manner, which he said will be rectified and only one state agency will be identified for receipt of funds for final disbursement to pass book holders through Aadhar-based system," he said.
The relatively young devolvement minister from Norway, born in Tanzania, committed herself to resolve one of Africa's most complex conflicts.
These quantitative and qualitative findings are interesting given the on-going integration and devolvement processes.
Not in England, only in the other UK countries, We call our brothers, "Free" to our brothers - university - retirement homes Prescriptions - et al, Not in England where the governing power "lies" Yet it is we who take the fall, Devolvement, they call it, our so-called pals nod, And in so doing they get the lot, The English are kept separate from the rest, It's surely discrimination, but who gives a jot?
Only 1 of the patients would have been considered "at risk" for devolvement of cystine stones according to the 24-h collection results.
Rather than devolvement, we must strive for improved partnerships and collaboration across services, with appropriate workforce development and funding models so clinicians are appropriately skilled and positioned.
But several leaks ahead of next month's publication of a report into the funding of rail costs by Sir Roy McNulty have claimed that Network Rail will lose control of its operations to Merseyrail and Scotrail as part of a devolvement of power to the regions.
The Secretary said further that the Asian Devolvement Bank (ADB) had