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Synonyms for devolvement

the delegation of authority (especially from a central to a regional government)

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Two decision makers (Pildat and Public survey) want to take a decision that which province is best from all provinces of Pakistan according to these parameters such as education, health, local bodies and devolvement programs i.
As early as 1519, local administrators (celali) used not only mercenary forces (sekban), but also disaffected regular cavalrymen (sipahi) to demand a greater devolvement of power.
It is clear from the powers earmarked for devolvement from Whitehall that there are agendas and priorities to which the charitable/ voluntary sectors can make a substantial contribution.
Pan En: With the quick devolvement of Internet of Things (IoT) applications and more of the world's population coming into the smart city era, mobile broadband will permeate all areas of the society.
Golburt finds much continuity across the period 1750-1850, and yet it is around a sense of distance from the 18th century that the new historical consciousness of the early 19th century crystallized: "Hence the eighteenth century's rapid antiquation, its devolvement into a starina (the olden days') despite its undeniable hold on Russian history.
Evaluating Levels of Strategic Integration and Devolvement of Hu man Resource Management in the UK", Personnel Review, 29(2): 141-57.
What it [calls for] is a devolvement of the waste services [to municipalities] and for doing that over 18 months.
Calling for more "community" in nonspecific terms plays into the hands of the powerful and may hasten the devolvement sought by neoliberals.
Beijing will essentially lay emphasis on economic and trade cooperation like the construction of economic corridor and infrastructure devolvement, which will be beneficial to both Pakistan and China, but will be short of endorsing or providing security pledges in the wake of an attack from india.
Cameron has already given some devolvement to Scotland and if more demands from this minority party continue he should do what most English people want: cut Scotland adrift and let them take full independence, which is what the SNP is all about.
He also said that the new entrants have not joined the party for self-interest but to follow the devolvement of Mardan and service of Pakhtun nation.
However work on the devolvement of these reserves will start after receiving required funds from the Ministry of Finance.
It started by attempting to delineate the differences between 'Personnel Management' and 'HRM' see [21], and moved on to attempts to incorporate Industrial Relations into HRM [45], examining the relationship of HRM strategies, integration of HRM into business strategies and devolvement of HRM to line managers and then the extent to which HRM can act as a key means to achieve competitive advantage in organisations.
And mention of the block grant reducing in volume as a result of the devolvement will be skirted around.
The primary reason for the devolvement of control from the central state to local government was effectively to share tourism revenues with the local community.