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Synonyms for devolve

Synonyms for devolve

to come as by lot or inheritance


Synonyms for devolve

pass on or delegate to another

be inherited by

References in classic literature ?
Hor Vastus and Kantos Kan, with my other noble lieutenants, I left with Carthoris at Helium, that he might have the benefit of their wisdom, bravery, and loyalty in the performance of the arduous duties which had devolved upon him.
that is to say, unlawful) nature, it devolved upon me to carry it out.
Besides, there were Dad's plans, and I felt that it devolved upon me to carry them out.
It is no slight matter for two men, particularly when a stiff wind has sprung up, to handle a vessel like the Ghost, steering, keeping look-out for the boats, and setting or taking in sail; so it devolved upon me to learn, and learn quickly.
So conscious was the manager of the responsibility which devolved upon him in consequence of the great interests at stake that safes of the very latest construction have been employed, and an armed watchman has been left day and night in the building.
It was in 2015 when it, it dawned on King Salman of Saudi Arabia that, as Khadim al Harmain al Sharifain it devolved upon him to lead the ummah in its fight against terrorism.
They cannot therefore speak on behalf of the whole island or legitimately exercise sovereign powers that devolved upon the RoC in 1960.
A sordid legacy of disputes over the division of colonial assets and territory, most notably the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir, devolved upon India and Pakistan.
With this exception the summer schools indicated through continued the season in a prosperous state, enjoying the labours of the teachers distinguished for their literacy qualifications, their aptness to teach, their ability to govern and their untiring industry and fidelity in the discharge of the responsible duties which devolved upon them.
During the last year, as a member of a committee of the American Engineering Council it has devolved upon me to read a large amount of this literature, which varies from suggestions that obviously are of no help, to some profound studies of our present economic system and its defects.
Although the project is running from 1994-95 with the financial support of the Federal Government and in different eras its name had also been changed and for the last about 16 years the project had continuously been financed by the Federal Government but in pursuance of 18th amendment as the subject of education had devolved upon the Provinces, no effective arrangement has been made between the Federal Government and the Provincial Governments to allow to continue this project because if the project is closed, about 6 lakh of students along with staff/teachers etc.
As members of the one people of God, it devolved upon those who had to share with those who had not; indeed, the terms of their covenant with God demanded no less.
He emphasised the role devolved upon the Maghreb Investment and Foreign Trade Bank (BMICE) in increasing economic complementarity and trade exchanges by means of financing integrated projects and establishing legal frameworks favouring the free flow of capital, goods and people.
Lehne concludes, in his letter to himself, that "without denying the importance of fundamental rights, citizenship and justice in an abstract sense, these are all part of Parliament's legislative competences that are devolved upon the Committee on Legal Affairs".