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Synonyms for devolve

Synonyms for devolve

to come as by lot or inheritance


Synonyms for devolve

pass on or delegate to another

be inherited by

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Given the same taxation powers were then devolved to Wales and Northern Ireland, which would be fair, the UK would automatically dissolve because the peoples of Scotland, Wales and NI would find no need to send delegates (MPs) to Westminster.
The First Minister will use a visit to Dublin to insist that all devolved administrations should have "direct input" into what changes are made to the UK's membership of the European Union.
Regions with devolved powers will be far better placed to take advantage of the opportunities quickly.
They were also unanimous in declaring recreation of 8 new ministries on subjects which had already been devolved as sheer violation of the constitution.
This is why we want the budget and responsibility for Remploy to be devolved to Wales.
It is my hope and expectation to see further waves of power devolved to cities.
Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond spelled out his anger in a letter to the Tory leader, arguing that it would confuse voters and overshadow devolved issues.
I am very keen that we publish a paper on the mechanics of possibly devolving corporation tax to the devolved institutions here.
Bob Hughes, chief executive of the AOP said: "The family health budgets have mostly been devolved to PCTs leaving ours rather exposed.
The Kings, playing against a Washington team that had lost seven of its past eight games, played a strong first period but then devolved in a series of penalties and uninspired play.
During the first four years of the devolved system it looked at the budgeting, performance management and performance audit reporting processes, and at the link between budgeting and reporting.
Like other mayors, Power would like to see northern communities cooperating, putting pressure on the new government to return newly devolved responsibilities downloaded by the previous government back to the province.
If power is devolved to the states, the benefits of a strong central government go with it.
The devolved parliament in Dublin never really got off the ground and the (independent) Irish Free State came into existence in 1922, but the troubled Stormont Parliament lasted until 1972.
Apart from the sheer deafening silence emanating from the countless millions who couldn't care about this issue, there is a good reason it is not devolved.