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Synonyms for devolve

Synonyms for devolve

to come as by lot or inheritance


Synonyms for devolve

pass on or delegate to another

be inherited by

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The best way forward is to devolve powers and funding
Whether it's cops on the street, environmental protection, or school lunches for poor kids, the Republican solution is to devolve it.
They also want to devolve powers over Welsh Assembly and local government elections so the Welsh Government can set the voting age and date.
This Bill devolves a significant package of tax and borrowing powers to Wales, giving the National Assembly of Wales and the Welsh Government more levers and incentives to boost economic growth.
Will you therefore devolve Remploy, for the Welsh factories, for the next three years, in order to ensure all of the factories that can have a future do have a future?
Prime Minister David Cameron suggested on Tuesday that he'd like to see the power to set the age that people can start voting devolved to the Assembly, telling Prime Ministers Questions: "We should respect the views of the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Parliament, and we will devolve powers on voting age.
There is a gradual feeling we need to devolve more power down from Westminster.
If the UK government refuse to devolve that I would be urging the UK government to reduce the drink-drive limit.
Mr Sargeant said that the Welsh Government would need more resources, including additional personnel with the required skills, if proposals to devolve consenting powers over larger energy projects up to 350 megawatts go ahead.
Raza Rabbani said the process was underway to devolve the HEC to the provinces.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister David Cameron said introducing a "metro mayor" would make it easier to devolve power to regions.
ISLAMABAD, May 18, 2011 (Frontier Star): The Parliamentary commission, constituted for implementation on 18th amendment has changed Plan of Action to devolve ministries to Provinces.
Well-informed sources told that the Implementation Commission on 18th Amendment, which was headed by Senator Raza Rabbani has decided not to devolve HEC, as it comes under the Federal List, therefore, it cannot be dissolved.
AN expert study of proposals to devolve policing to the Welsh Government called for more work to be carried out with officers and probation workers.
Lord Heseltine, the former Deputy Prime Minister, has urged the Government to devolve up to PS70bn a year to LEPs.