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Synonyms for devolve

Synonyms for devolve

to come as by lot or inheritance


Synonyms for devolve

pass on or delegate to another

be inherited by

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He said: "The best way is to devolve powers and funding.
Devolve will also be instrumental to the advancement of customer regulatory and compliance practice as the internal point person in completing these requests.
While 7% has said, 'Sinhala leaders will not allow the President to devolve powers to the Tamils'
The hog bill fails to support and assist local bodies, and rather devolves the powers of local government onto a state agency not equipped to deal with the concerns of local residents.
It was also revealed the Chancellor has "asked all relevant secretaries of state to proactively consider what they can devolve to local areas.
Will you therefore devolve Remploy, for the Welsh factories, for the next three years, in order to ensure all of the factories that can have a future do have a future?
It is totally unacceptable for the UK Government to devolve APD to Scotland and Northern Ireland but not to Wales.
There is a gradual feeling we need to devolve more power down from Westminster.
At present, more than 50 people are refusing to pay for their TV licence as part of the campaign to devolve broadcasting.
The First Minister of Wales has again written to the Prime Minister, with the support of prominent business leaders, urging the UK Government to devolve Air Passenger Duty (APD) to Wales.
He ide pem is against the idea because several people tried to move amendments to the Wales Bill to devolve such things as youth justice.
ISLAMABAD, May 18, 2011 (Frontier Star): The Parliamentary commission, constituted for implementation on 18th amendment has changed Plan of Action to devolve ministries to Provinces.
Raza Rabbani said the process was underway to devolve the HEC to the provinces.
Mr Jones has written to Theresa May saying her Government's reluctance to devolve APD continues to place unjustifiable constraints on Wales' ability to promote itself abroad and is hindering growth in its aviation sector and wider economy.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister David Cameron said introducing a "metro mayor" would make it easier to devolve power to regions.